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by | Nov 1, 2022 | Custom Builds Gaming PC

Best Custom Gaming PC Under $1500 of 2022

We scour the web to find only the best gaming PCs  for a silky-smooth 1080p gaming experience

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Last Updated November 1, 2022

Do you want to spend $1,500 to build the most high-end gaming PC you can? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. The build we’re discussing here has the best CPU and GPU power ratio of any build you can find online, in addition to high-end but affordable components in every other area. Maximum frames per dollar are desired without compromising on essentials like a solid-state drive that is large and a high-quality power supply. We make sure your gaming PC is built to meet all the requirements of your latest games.

When you spend $1500 or more, you get a PC that can handle nearly everything, and you can be sure that you’ll have a high-quality gaming experience. These parts destroy AAA games and give you streaming and rendering abilities as well.

When you are spending around $1500, you are pretty much guaranteed to get yourself a high-end PC with a wide range of top-notch features. You may expect CPUs for this price range to improve your gaming experience and function flawlessly when multitasking. With this kind of spending limit, you may take advantage of a top-tier, modern graphics card that can produce stunning detail at high frame rates. No matter which build option you choose, your gaming experience won’t be compromised even though you can’t afford the top components at this price point.

Gaming Experience

The $1500 PC build will deliver smooth gaming performance whether you choose the AMD or Intel build route. Although both routes come with potent RTX 30-series GPUs that can handle gaming at any resolution, you will need to adjust settings for the majority of modern games at 4K.

A 1TB SSD is included in the $1500 gaming PC to handle your operating system and games. You will have quicker boot times with this storage option than with a conventional HDD, and your gaming FPS will also increase. This PC’s 16GB of quick RAM further enhances its already outstanding build’s gaming potential. If you want to get better gaming performance then check out our $2000 gaming pc.

How We Test and Examine $1500 Gaming PC

We have a great deal of experience from years of building computers and guiding friends, family, and readers. All of our build suggestions are based on extensive research, use builds that we have made for work or personal use, and most importantly, are built with value and performance in mind. We put in a lot of effort to make sure our builds are updated, and effective, and provide the lucky reader who is going to build it with good performance.

To ensure that all the components we suggest fit into the selected case, work well together, and deliver the highest performance for the price range, we assemble each of our selected PCs from the scratch.

Our Recommendation For the best Prebuilt $1500 Gaming PC

We have included a few high-quality prebuilt options for your consideration because not everyone can create a new gaming PC from scratch. Even though creating your own is always going to be the best option for your experience and wallet, we recognize that for some people, this may seem like a daunting task. It is important to note that we only choose our prebuilt PCs from reliable custom PC manufacturers.

The greatest gaming computer you can assemble for under $1500 is suggested in this post. Instead, we suggest the Skytech Shiva gaming PC if you’re wanting to purchase a prebuilt gaming PC. It is equipped with an RTX 3070 GPU and an AMD Ryzen 5 5600X CPU that can run AAA games at high settings without tiring the gamer.


CPU: Ryzen 7 3600X

GPU: RTX 3060


Storage: 1TB SDD

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Build Benchmark: What Games Can This PC Run?

120 FPS

High settings

Assassin’s Creed Origins
50-60 FPS

Ultra settings

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege
40-70 FPS

Ultra settings

70-100 FPS

High settings

Monster Hunter World
30-40 FPS

Max settings

70-100 FPS

Ultra settings

Our Recommended Best Custom Gaming PC Under $1500 of 2022 Component Details

Last Updated : November 01, 2022
  • 16 Threads
  • LGA 1700 Socket
  • Single P-core Max/Base Speed: 4.9/3.7 GHz
  • Single E-core Max/Base Speed: 3.6/2.8 GHz
  • Processor Base Power: 125W

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➕ Competitive pricing

➕ high-end gaming performance

➕ PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 memory

➕  leading single- and multi-threaded performance

➕ Overclockable



➖ No integrated cooler

➖ Requires a motherboard LGA 1700 socket

➖  Platform costs

The 12600K has a total of 16 threads with 6 P-cores and 4 E-cores. There are 25% fewer P-cores than in the 12700K, but the number of E-cores is the same. The P-cores have a maximum clock speed of 4.9 GHz, while the E-cores have a maximum clock speed of 3.6 GHz.

With upgraded onboard graphics and turbo boost, the Intel Core i5 Deca-core (10 Core) 3.70 GHz processor features hyper-threading architecture to give great performance for demanding workloads.

The LGA-1700 socket enables the solderless placement of the processor on the PCB.

To enhance system efficiency, 16 MB of L3 cache quickly retrieves the most frequently utilized data available. Improved performance per watt is made possible by Intel 7 Architecture, and microarchitecture makes it power-efficient. Excellent graphics and visual quality are provided by the integrated Intel UHD Graphics controller.

The new Core i5 and Core i7 processors are extremely similar to one another except from that. Given that the 12600K is about 30% less expensive, it should be a great deal.

Other specifications are still present, such as support for both DDR4 and DDR5 memory, albeit not concurrently or by the same motherboard, so you’ll need to decide in advance which memory type you want to use, and 20 PCIe lanes from the CPU, 16 of which are the new PCI Express 5.0 specification.

  • B450 Chip
  • AM4 Socket
  • PCIe Gen3 x4 M.2
  • Up to 128GB Memory support
  • 4 Slots
  • DDR4 RAM Memory Technology

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➕ Easy installation

➕  improvement over older Hyper 212 coolers


➖ Underperforms than comparable Cooler Master products

This is a fantastic alternative to an affordable air cooling solution because the 12600K needs a CPU cooler. For a more upscale appearance, the top cover is anodized gunmetal black and has a brushed aluminium surface finish, which gives its appearance a sleek finish. Its radiation cooling performance is improved with Jet Black Nickel plating. Four heat pipes with this Innovative direct contact technology effectively dissipate heat well, with airflow of 57.3 CFM and a noise level of 30.0 dB.

The stacked fin array provides the least amount of airflow resistance, allowing cooler air to flow into the heat sink and providing precise airflow. With the push of a button, the connected RGB LED controller enables color and effect customization, which looks so adorable.

  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080
  • 12GB GDDR6X of Virtual RAM
  • 1710 MHz GPU Clock Speed
  • 19GHz Memory Speed

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➕ Outstanding performance right out of the box

➕ performance in 4K and DXR has greatly improved

➕ Excellent build; effective cooling

➕ Runs quietly even under heavy load


➖ Flipped PCIe power connector makes cable management more difficult.

A fantastic gaming card, the RTX 3080 will smash whatever game you throw at it. It is a wonderful graphics card for gaming, pushing your ability to play at the maximum settings with high FPS into 1440p and playing very well at 4K. In fact, it may be too powerful of a card for most gamers, but it is a phenomenal graphics card for gaming.

 The RTX 3080 Trinity was able to reach some excellent results in a variety of games at different resolutions throughout our two weeks of testing. Even when the entire screen was occupied by NPCs, enemies, and large environments, there were moments when we could not believe the fps we were getting in AAA games. Our testing led us to the conclusion that the ZOTAC GeForce RTX 3080 Trinity offers outstanding performance in 1440p and 4K gaming. A Samsung 4K 120Hz TV and a 144Hz 1440P monitor were used to test the GPU.

  • LGA 1700 Socket
  • PCIe 4.0, Dual NVME PCIe 4.0 x4 M.2
  • USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C, HDMI 2.0
  • 2133 MHz Memory speed
  • DDR4 RAM

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➕ Support for PCI-E Gen 4 M.2

➕ Overclocking a high-speed memory device

➕ Built-in WiFi


    ➖ Simple aesthetic

    ➖ Absence of USB ports on the rear IO

    An excellent CPU that can be overclocked is the Intel 12600K. If you’re more of an enthusiast, you might choose a higher Z690 motherboard for better overclocking, but in reality, the performance advantages will be minor when the cost differences are taken into account.

    Memory overclocking is a fantastic way to maximize the performance of your setup. Higher RAM speeds are advantageous for CPUs, thus having access to this functionality is fantastic. The B660 DS3H AX allows for up to 5333MHz of overclocking, which is ideal for adding an extra boost.

     A motherboard called the B660 DS3H has a low price and widens the market for PC gaming. Unfortunately, a less expensive option results in less functionality overall, but building a superb PC is still possible. Although this motherboard might not have all the best features, it is still a great value for the price because you’re probably trying to save money by purchasing it.

    • 16GB DDR4 (2x8GB)
    • 3200 MHz Memory Speed
    • DDR4
    • Aluminium heat shield

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    ➕ Top performance

    ➕ High DDR4-3200 rating

    ➕ Two built-in cooling fans that lower the temperature of the motherboard and DRAM


    ➖ Included fans raise the total price.

    ➖ Limited ability to overclock at 1.35V

    Both the AMD and Intel build routes benefit greatly from the speed and quality of this 16GB RAM kit from Corsair. We wanted to make sure you had more than enough RAM capacity and speed to do tasks quickly, whether you were working, watching videos, or playing games. In order to give you the best gaming speeds and give your system a little more future-proofing, we chose a RAM kit with a speed of 3600MHz. You can be sure that you won’t have RAM bottlenecking at speeds like this, so relax and enjoy the benefits.

    • 500 GB
    • 3,500 MB/s and 1200 MB/s in read and write speeds
    • NVMe Interface

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    ➕ Pricing and performance that is competitive With single side PCBs in all capacities

    ➕ Support for software

    ➕ 5-year warranty


    .➖ Weak sustained write speed and small SLC cache

    With its high-performance yet inexpensive SN570, WD hit the mark. Thanks to WD’s years of SSD development, it is optimized for great real-world performance and can easily compete with much more expensive drives. The sequential read and write speeds on this 1TB variant are both 3500MB/s. Be aware that a jeweler’s style screwdriver is required to attach it.

    Despite the intense competition in the 1TB NVMe market, this drive definitely outperforms the others in terms of performance for the dollar!

    • 8 Kilograms
    • 45.3 x 23 x 46.6 Centimeters
    • ‎3600 Watts
    • 2 fans

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    ➕ sturdy build

    ➕ Fabundant airflow

    ➕ Left side of tempered glass


    ➖ The side panels are challenging to remove.

    ➖ It’s a little packed near the top.

    ➖ Selection of sparse I/O

    We’ve chosen the Corsair 4000D Airflow PC case to keep all of your components secure and stylish. Two 120mm fans that are already fitted in this mid-tower case provide adequate airflow right out of the box.

    Even when playing the most demanding games, your gaming PC will maintain a low operating temperature. The 4000D Airflow has a sleek design and tempered glass panel to maintain the sharp appearance of the entire project.

    • BN675
    • 850 Watts
    • 80+ Gold efficiency
    • 5-year warranty

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    How to review >


    ➕ decent design

    ➕ technical basis is strong.

    ➕ Japanese capacitors are used all around.

    ➕ was able to keep running at more than 930 watts without cutting out.


    ➖ Only 5-year Warranty.

    The Straight Power 11 plays it safe with its stylish all-black style because power supplies aren’t typically aesthetically appealing. Importantly, it has a high level of build quality and meets Be Quietcustomary !’s requirements in this area. The depth of our 850W model is 170mm, which is about average. Given the huge capacity, this isn’t likely to be a problem; 850W is well suited to high-end, multi-GPU systems and workstations. It does make it better suited to larger cases.

    We may anticipate excellent efficiency because the Straight Power 11 850W is 80 Plus Gold certified, which is the third-highest tier. However, it isn’t difficult to locate other PSUs with the same wattage and price range that are 80 Plus Platinum efficient, a level higher.

    Your attempts at cable routing will be aided by the full modularity, which provides you complete control over what cables are linked and where they are connected. The cables are all properly sleeved, which adds bulk but also makes them look nicer; again, most larger cases should be able to fit everything without too much trouble. The figure below shows the cable kinds and lengths; the selection is logical and more than sufficient for high-end projects.

    A major selling point of the FSP-based Straight Power 11 850W is its internal wire-free architecture, which means there are no cords inside the power supply. Instead, all connections are made through the PCB, which keeps things organised and maximises airflow, both of which should increase component longevity and reduce temperatures. Speaking of parts, the complete machine exclusively uses Japanese capacitors rated to 105°C, giving an added level of quality.

    Things To Consider


    We divide our buildings into various categories, each depending on a predetermined budget. Despite this, it’s still crucial to think about if this budget fits your needs for gaming. You can be guaranteed to obtain high-end gaming performance with a gaming PC in this price range that can handle any game you can imagine. You’ve come to the right place if you want to play AAA games at high settings with a respectable frame rate. This can be excessive for more casual players who just play less demanding independent games. Although we work hard to deliver you a high-quality system that fits within our spending limits, Amazon’s pricing are subject to change from tme to time.

    Future-Proofing & Upgradeability

    Although this is a high-end, $1500 gaming PC, there is still some space for improvement. The correct upgrades could improve your gaming experience and extend the life of your PC build, so they are definitely worth thinking about. For that increase in performance, upgrades will cost significantly more, but if you can afford it, do it! Consider our $2000 gaming PC for a considerable boost at a small premium.


    We have selected components that can accommodate overclocking because some gamers and lots of hobbyists enjoy doing so. You may get even greater performance from your system by overclocking it to get more power from it.

    If you’re thinking of overclocking your system, don’t forget to replace the cooler with an aftermarket model to handle the extra heat generated. Remember to overclock the fast RAM in your BIOS because it won’t operate at 3600MHz out of the box in this configuration. It is important to note that the motherboard chosen can easily handle these speeds, so there is no need to be concerned.

    Building Ease

    You can guess that this build was a dream to construct since it includes a high-quality casing. When assembling this machine, there were no obstruction problems, and everything went smoothly. Antistatic equipment isn’t necessary, but if you’re worried about destroying any of your components, you might want to think about buying some. Of course, a screwdriver is a must-have item because it can do the majority of tasks.

    As previously said, the case is made by a respected firm with cable management in mind. The design made it very simple to tuck those cables away and increase airflow inside the machine. Both CPUs have factory-installed cooling and pre-applied thermal paste. Having said that, you might want to think about purchasing a tube of thermal paste and refilling this as soon as possible because it frequently enhances thermals.

    Non-Gaming Performance

    Both builds will give you the best possible gameplay performance, but how do they compare in other respects? Although both CPUs will function effectively when multitasking, the Intel build path comes out on top in this regard. Whatever you choose, you can count on receiving good performance for all of your streaming and home entertainment demands.


    A vital element in the building process is verifying that your PSU is giving your custom-built PC the appropriate amount of watts. Because of this, no matter how many adjustments you make, our easy PSU calculator will calculate the precise PSU wattage your components need.

    The Best $1500 Gaming PC Build Upgrades

     The above design should work well within a $1500 PC Build budget, but what if you want some upgrade ideas for when you do have more money? That’s where the best $1500 PC Build alternatives come into play.

    Should you require more CPU, GPU, memory, cooling, or storage performance, the hardware upgrades listed below are compatible with the computer build described above.


    GPU Upgrade

    ZOTAC Gaming GeForce RTX™ 3080 Ti Trinity OC 12GB GDDR6X Graphic Card

    Buy Now

    The finest $1500 gaming PC builds would benefit greatly from the RTX 3080 ti update. If you’re thinking about using high resolutions, like 4K, this card is best.


    CPU Upgrade

    *Note: This does not come with a CPU cooler; you must purchase one separately (see below).

    i7 Dodeca-core Intel processor (12 Core) The hyper-threading architecture and 2.10 GHz processor deliver outstanding performance for demanding workloads with improved onboard graphics and faster turbo boost. Processor attributes installation of the LGA-1700 socket on the PCB. L3 cache of 25 MB provides the best performance for apps that require plenty of computation. Better graphics and visual quality thanks to the integrated Intel UHD Graphics 770 controller. up to 4 monitors are supported.

    RAM Upgrade

    Kingston FURY Beast RGB 32GB (2x16GB) 3600MHz DDR4

    Buy Now

    Consider upgrading the 16GB of RAM in your $1500 gaming pc build. Then, upgrade to a 32GB package of RAM for greater bandwidth, and use this RAM kit to customise the color scheme of your setup with 16 RGB LEDs in 8 zones on each module.


    CPU Cooler Upgrade

    be quiet! BW008 Pure Loop 360mm

    Buy Now

    Consider upgrading the 16GB of RAM in your $1500 gaming pc build. Then, upgrade to a 32GB package of RAM for greater bandwidth, and use this RAM kit to customise the colour scheme of your setup with 16 RGB LEDs in 8 zones on each module.

    Peripherals & Software

    ( These will increase the overall cost of your gaming setup)

    Operating System

    Everything that people cherished about Windows 10 has been improved in Windows 11! In addition to considerable internal upgrades that speed up and increase security, the interface is also slick. After releasing the upgrade version of Win11, it took Microsoft some time to release the retail version, but now that it has, this is what you want on your new PC build!

    Gaming Keyboard

    The K55 offers a fantastic keyboard at an affordable price. It has dedicated macro and media keys, zoned RGB illumination, IP42-rated dust and spill resistance, quiet keys with a tactile bump to provide excellent feedback, and more.

    Gaming Mouse

    Nothing compares to the Basilisk X for the price that offers cutting-edge performance. Perfect ergonomics, a super-sensitive sensor, and Razer’s excellent HyperSpeed wireless system. What a fantastic mouse! A superb wireless mouse is available for the same price as many wired mice, keep that in mind.

    Gaming Monitor

    With the X27q, HP has dominated the market for affordable high-end gaming monitors. Didn’t think a high-end display could be worthwhile? Rethink that! The X27q has every feature you could ask for: a 27′′ 2560×1440 IPS panel with FreeSync Premium frame-syncing technology and a 165Hz refresh rate. Before, the only option available for this pricing was a subpar TN panel. The X27q is a clear winner because it even features a height-adjustable stand, which we think is essential for a high-end monitor. You can make the most of your brand-new, high-end gaming PC with this display!


    It won’t be difficult to achieve top performance from a $1500 gaming PC; this is undoubtedly the best rig for the money and is prepared to take on your favorite games. The $1500 PC design offers multitasking and streaming as additional options in addition to just pure gaming performance. However, it is important to note that the AMD option doesn’t significantly underperform when compared to the Intel route in this built. There isn’t much this $1,500 gaming PC can’t handle. It may function as a 4K gaming computer. Hardcore competitive gamers who want a PC that can drive a 1440P 240Hz display or a 360Hz monitor can use it as a high-end system. Additionally, it will be useful for content producers and streamers.

    Overall, this machine is worth considering if you’re searching for the greatest gaming PC around $1,500.

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