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by | Nov 7, 2022 | Custom Builds Gaming PC

Best Custom Gaming PC Under $600 of 2022

We scour the web to find only the best gaming PCs  for a silky-smooth 1080p gaming experience

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Last Updated November 7, 2022

If you’re looking for a custom-built gaming PC and your budget is only $600, you shouldn’t have high hopes. Truth be told, even the $600 Gaming PC won’t support the latest AAA titles on the highest settings. Even so, that doesn’t imply you should buy the first prefab that catches your attention.

A gaming computer that is well worth its asking price. Since a $600 budget is still below the magic line where you can hunt for new figures solely, In reality, the most powerful option here is a pre-owned computer.

However, Choosing the best custom $600 Gaming PC was a simple process that involved looking for the finest options, comparing their features and parts, and picking the one that offered the most value for the money.

How do We select?

After years of assembling PCs and advising readers, friends, and family, we’ve accumulated a wealth of experience. All of the models we recommend have been carefully thought through, are based on real-world experience, and are constructed with efficiency and economy in mind. We put in a lot of work to guarantee that the builds we publish are up-to-date and efficient, giving the reader who builds it the best possible experience.

In addition to our extensive knowledge and experience, we make use of a number of industry-standard benchmarks for quick comparisons and monitor the latest developments in our field. In addition, we double-check our builds daily to ensure that all components are in stock and that our pricing remains competitive. Any time you need assistance, we will be here to provide it.

How do we evaluate gaming PCs?

It’s worth going over, even though it’s detailed in our comprehensive hardware policy, how we test gaming PCs. Each gaming rig is evaluated as a whole in addition to its components. To be more precise, we’re looking at things like processing speed, graphics card prowess, RAM efficiency, and storage drive sequential performance.

During the review period, we often switch out our main workstation for a new review PC, so we don’t only put them through their paces as testers; we also put them to use as PC gamers. This entails not just regular play experiences and benchmarking, but also an honest and in-depth account of models with which we are familiar.

Be sure to read the review, where we detail our individual experience with each machine part and how we eventually came to accept it, for a full account of how we came to utilize the apparatus in question. If you want to know if a specific game will run on a specific machine, this can be a big help.

The Gaming Pc we have designed for you is one of the best $600 Gaming PCs because we concluded an Intel Core i5-2400 3.10GHz Desktop is a 600-dollar gaming PC powered by an NVIDIA GTX 650 graphics card clocked at 1GB. And a 1TB hard drive, Internet, and Wi-Fi ports. Also, it features DVI, VGA, and HDMI outputs with 8GB of DDR3 RAM. You may play Fortnite 60 FPS on medium settings and 100+ FPS on low settings. PUBG 30 FPS is available on low settings.

Build Benchmark: What Games Can This PC Run?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
135 FPS

High settings

The Witcher 3
70 FPS

High settings

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege
80 FPS

High settings

140 FPS

High settings

Monster Hunter World
50 FPS

High settings



70 FPS

High settings

More About Our Custom Built Gaming PC

Specs of our Gaming Pc

CPU : Intel i5
GPU : N   Nvidia GTX 650
Storage : 1TB
Weight : 25 Pound

Details of the Best budget $600 Gaming PC

This custom built gaming Pc Each has a unique case design and a number of fans, which are the two most distinguishing elements. A few of the PCs usual brands they provide do not have all of these characteristics, but it is clear from their specifications which ones are missing what. The most up-to-date gaming desktop PCs feature an RGB remote that enables you to customize the case’s lights, including the color of the fans.

You may adjust the brightness and select from a variety of color schemes. The case has one USB 3.0 port and two USB 2.0 ports on its top. Additional motherboard expansion slots are located on the computer’s rear panel. That makes a grand total of three USB 3.0 and four USB 2.0 ports.

The version of this desktop you should get has a total of six RGB fans, and we’ll get into why that’s the case later on. Three front fans take in air, while two on top and one at the back push it out.

Tempered glass covers the case’s side, and when combined with the case’s RGB fans, the result is a sleek and attractive design. There is also plenty of air circulation. All the major characteristics of our custom built PCs have been covered; let’s move on to the relevant info about their gaming prowess.

Gaming Performance of this $600 Gaming PC?

A gaming PC’s primary purpose is, of course, to perform well in video games. The graphics card is mostly responsible for the overall gaming performance (GPU). The CPU’s processing speed is a major factor in how well a game will perform.

We can then get a rough sense of how well it will run some of the most popular games out there by combining this predicted power with the computer’s processor (CPU). To kick things off, let’s talk about the graphics processing unit (GPU). Is it worth including if it doesn’t have enough power for this PC?

GPU Performance

An NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 1GB graphics card is extremely popular nowadays in custom built gaming Pcs. The inclusion of this card, which is several generations old, is understandable considering the years of the computers in question. These days, it’s very impossible to track down a modern video card, which is why so many people are looking into older models merely to get their hands on a personal computer.

Our Recommended Best Custom Gaming PC Under $600 of 2022 Component Details

Last Updated : November 07, 2022

GTX 650 1GB

  • Force GTX 650
  • 1 GB leo Memory Capacity
  • 1 Express 3.0 X16
  • MI 1.2 x 1
  • 60*1600 
  • 71 MHz
  • ectX11

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How to review >


➕ Small card

➕ Quiet During gameplay

➕ Runs cool low power consumption

➕ Decent performance at a good price


➖ GPU supports only 4 display outputs

➖ Card only comes with 3. No SLI support

What games do you plan on playing, and what games do you want to be able to play on this $600 Gaming PC? These are important questions to ponder before making your final purchase.

The GTX 650’s 1GB of graphics memory is insufficient for today’s demanding AAA video games. Recently released games like Call of Duty: Warzone, Cyberpunk 2077, and Apex Legends may require a more recent computer. Your chances of success in playing them are low.

With a GTX 650 GPU, they are nearly unplayable. You can see for yourself what the GTX 650 1GB is capable of by watching any one of the several videos that have been uploaded to YouTube on the card’s performance. Unfortunately, this card isn’t up to the task of running the latest AAA games. Not without significant resolution downscaling and turning down all the game’s visual settings to their minimum.

As per our knowledge the device can play both Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto V at roughly 30 FPS on average on low settings. This is also correct. Some of the more optimized or older games can be played at 1080p resolution and lower settings.

In a nutshell, you should only buy this computer if you know for sure that it will run the games you want to play. There hasn’t been much need for graphics cards with the GTX 650’s age. It debuted in the marketplace in 2012.

In terms of performance, for the most part, it’s on par with the first-gen Xbox One and PS4. Take optimization into mind as well; Grand Theft Auto V may run smoother than on a launch Xbox One, but games like Warzone won’t even come close to being playable

Intel i5-2400 processor

  • intel Core i5
  • 3.1 GHz
  • LGA 1155

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How to review >


➕ $60 is a very competitive price

➕ Package includes a CPU Cooler, saving a potential cost of $25-$90


➖ Average multitasking performance against the competition.

➖ Mediocre boost clock speed of 3.4GHz

➖ Outdated manufacturing process for thermals

➖ Relatively old

➖ Weak general gaming performance

Think about how well it can run graphical games and general rendering when considering overall performance. The processor’s performance will also be important.

The Intel i5-2400 processor is installed on this $600 Gaming PC. The Intel 2nd generation processor is featured here.

At the time of writing, Intel’s processors are in their eleventh generation, thus it’s hard to compare the performance of older generations to modern ones.

So… this custom built Gaming Pc is using a pretty outdated CPU on this computer. You can trace their release to the years 2011–2012. In a nutshell, it won’t be up to the task of running demanding 3D graphics software or rendering. Even the least demanding games would be too much for this PC to handle while streaming.

But if you’re trying to play Grand Theft Auto V or another older, highly optimized game. This CPU is adequate for the task at hand. Not much else can be said about the CPU’s performance. Don’t count on playing the most recent AAA games smoothly or using the most recent version of Photoshop on a machine with this kind of processor.

Other Important Hardware

Last Updated : November 07, 2022

What about everything else that’s happening with these PCs now that you know what to expect in terms of overall gaming performance? How feasible is it to improve it? Is there anything included that could be useful in the long run?

This is the other hardware I’ll be discussing and analyzing. You need to know the ins and outs of this PC before you buy it. What matters most about this computer is whether or not you can find any spare parts to use in a future upgrade.

LGA 1155 Socket

  • 19 * 2.44 * 4.8 Dimensions
  • Antec Brand
  • 3-Pin Power Connector
  • 12 Volts
  • 65 watts
  • Air Cooling Method

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How to review >


➕ 4 hyperthreaded cores are perfect for multitasking

➕ Ivy Bridge architecture offers the best LGA 1155 performance

➕ Very energy efficient

➕ Large thermal capacity for overclocking


➖ Heats up quite fast during OC, so you’ll need to optimize cooling

➖ Quite pricey for a 9-year-old CPU

This computer, as you may know, runs on an Intel processor from the second generation. In other words, the CPU must work with a motherboard made for processors of the second generation. What we have decided is that the LGA 1155 socket is suitable for the Intel i5-2400. An LGA 1155 socket is required for future processor upgrades while using the original motherboard from the desktop.

Intel’s second and third-generation processors are known as Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge, respectively. Processors having an LGA 1155 socket are compatible with Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge motherboards.

When this was written, Intel had already released their 11th generation of desktop processors. This computer’s processor, motherboard, and RAM are not backward-compatible, so if you plan to buy it and update the hardware in the future, you’ll have to buy new components.

That’s an awful lot of updating to do. First, I’ll briefly go over the available memory and storage space, and then I’ll explain why or why not I think you should purchase this $600 Gaming PC for the purpose of upgrading it later.


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How to review >

Memory (RAM) is crucial for multitasking, and it also improves gameplay speed when using numerous mods in games like Skyrim and Minecraft. The PC has 8 GB of DDR3 RAM. Since there are two RAM slots on the motherboard, we can utilize two 4GB sticks.

For optimal CPU and GPU performance in games, 8 GB of RAM is recommended. Despite being an older RAM version, DDR3 is still widely used. In most cases, 8GB of RAM is sufficient for running multiple programs at once, such as chatting on Discord while playing a game.

How much of that ability to multitask depends on the speed of the central processing unit is an open question. To that end, we wouldn’t hope to play GTA V alongside a Livestream, a YouTube video, or a Discord server with several individuals in a channel.

A minimum of 8 GB of random access memory (RAM) is recommended for every gaming PC. Most recently published games should run smoothly on a system with 8GB of RAM, though you may have to lower the quality settings or close other apps in order to play them.


We have selected a 1 terabyte (TB) hard drive. HDDs, or hard disc drives, have been around for a while with this gaming PC. Some of the newer, faster hardware may have to be sacrificed in order to have this PC at all, but that appears to be the point.

However, we observed that Installing Windows 10 on a 1 terabyte hard disc drive (HDD) can slow things down considerably, especially when compared to the speed of modern solid-state drives (SSDs). There’s no need to worry about space; 1TB of storage will be more than enough to keep all of your games and apps, although you may want to upgrade to an SSD and reinstall Windows at some point.

Things To Consider

PC Size

Various sizes of desktop computers, including full-tower, mid-tower, mini-tower, and tiny form factor, are available from various manufacturers. As a result, it may be challenging to pick the best option among them. However, there are some broad suggestions that can help you narrow down your options. Your computer’s form factor should reflect both the available physical space in your home or office and the functionality you anticipate needing in the future. You can rest assured that if you spend less than $600 on a full-tower gaming PC, it will include all of the necessary components. That is to say, you may expect to receive an expanded ATX motherboard, three graphics processing units, sufficient storage, a large number of fans, and possibly liquid-cooling pipes and lighting.

Mid-tower computers have little functional differences from full-tower computers. Their only redeeming quality is their reduced size. However, they are large enough to accommodate all of the required hardware and equipment, such as fans, etc. Mini-towers have fewer space requirements but are at the expense of several upgrade options. There is a wide range of sizes and forms to choose from when shopping for a little computer. A few of them may easily take the place of a PS4 or Xbox One when it comes to playing video games. Desktop computers may develop into dependable gaming instruments despite their limited upgradability.


For the finest gaming experience on a budget of $600 or less, search for a PC with a graphics processing unit (GPU) from either AMD’s Polaris series (RX 550, 560, 570, or 580)

or Nvidia’s Pascal series (GTX 1060, 1070, 1080 or 1080 Ti). All performance and frame rates are guaranteed to be optimal with these graphics cards. They are, of course, more costly, but well worth it. If you want to avoid getting motion sick while experiencing virtual reality, then you’ll need one of these graphics processing units (GPUs).

If you’re on a tight budget, though, you might want to consider Nvidia’s new GTX 1050 or 1050 Ti GPUs. Individually, they don’t exceed $150 in price. Also, the 1050 Ti is compatible with the Oculus Rift but not the HTC Vive.


If you’re looking to spend less or even $600 on Gaming PC, you might assume that whatever hardware and software options are available now are good enough to last a lifetime. However, you shouldn’t put too much stock in that. Your computer needs to be able to keep up with the constant stream of updates that come from developers every day. If you’re in the market for a new gadget, pick one with plenty of room for updates. See to ensure that all tools can get inside with no trouble.

If you want to save yourself a few hundred bucks, it’s better to upgrade your motherboard, graphics processing unit (GPU), and other components than to buy a brand-new piece of hardware. It’s worth keeping an eye on the Alienware Aurora and the Dell XPS Tower, as both offer a lot of room for expansion. In addition, the internal components can be replaced without resorting to the use of any additional tools.


In conclusion, this is commonly found among the more affordable custom-built desktop solutions available in the market today. The sole justification for this PC is the current state of the hardware industry, which makes it difficult to find good hardware. There are other options for custom-built gaming PCs that you might consider, but they are significantly more expensive.

But if you want to play Valorant, Minecraft, CS: GO, GTA V, or other older games at a respectable level, this will do the trick with a little tweaking on the low or medium settings. Remember that these are a 1-year guarantee, but there is no official contact form or anything. However, you may rest assured that Amazon will cooperate with you because they guarantee their products and will do what they say they will do on the product page.

Read the Amazon reviews as well, as they are written by people who have really used the computer in question. However, keep in mind that some reviewers may lack the requisite knowledge to properly evaluate the game’s performance and graphics settings.

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