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by | Dec 1, 2022 | Gaming PC, Hand Held Gaming PC

Nintendo Switch handheld gaming PC

We scour the web to find only the best gaming PCs  for a silky-smooth 1080p gaming experience

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Last Updated December 1, 2022

The Nintendo Switch bridges the gap between handheld gaming pc and home console gaming in an innovative way. Overall, it’s a fantastic addition to the Nintendo family, with excellent hybrid capabilities.

The Nintendo Switch is still as popular five years after its release. Every year, as we get closer to the holiday season, more and more copies are snapped up. The Switch’s innovative hybrid design, like the Wii motion controls, the Nintendo 3DS’s glasses-free 3D, or the Wii U’s experimental second screen, has helped Nintendo continue to blaze its own trail.

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What we have here is very different from anything we’ve seen before, and the Nintendo Switch gaming PC offers the best of both worlds. You can game on the go or relax at home to take advantage of the relaxing Nintendo Switch environment. With exclusive party games and top-tier third-party titles, the list of the best Nintendo Switch games grows.

If you want to play games with unbeatable graphical fidelity on a massive 4K TV screen in your own home, Microsoft and Sony have powerful, expensive video game consoles to do so. However, if you’re looking for a portable game system with a large library of party games, indie titles, and outstanding exclusives, the Nintendo Switch is unparalleled.

Nintendo Switch Handheld Gaming PC Models

Nintendo offers three Switch models, each with the same basic design and software and games. The Nintendo Switch “base” model is a 6.2-inch tablet with an LCD screen, detachable Joy-Con controllers, and a dock that connects to your TV. Some of Nintendo’s game experiments, such as Ring Fit Adventure and Switch Sports, require those Joy-Con controllers. When you play games, they have vibration motors that provide force feedback (and occasionally help you find hidden items in some titles). You can also swap or mix and match them with a variety of multicolored replacements. The main unit of the base model has a kickstand that also serves as a cover for the SD card expansion port, but relying on it to hold the console upright during gameplay is more of a leap of faith than a reliable exercise in mechanics.

Check that the console comes in a red box and that the serial number begins with “XKW”; this indicates that it is a newer revision of the Switch with better battery life.

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The Switch Lite is a smaller, cheaper, and exclusively portable model with a 5.5-inch LCD screen and built-in controls around it. Even if you buy a dock separately, you can’t connect the Switch Lite to a TV. It runs almost all of the same software as the regular Switch—just not anything that requires you to remove the Joy-Cons—and the graphics in the games are identical. The buttons are also softer to the touch and don’t make as loud a clicking noise, which you might appreciate if you’re playing a game next to someone who is trying to sleep. However, it lacks a vibration motor, and smaller in-game text can be difficult to read on its smaller screen. The Switch Lite is the most affordable Switch model.

Finally, there’s the Nintendo Switch OLED model, which is built around an OLED screen. While the dimensions of this Switch are nearly identical to the base model (the OLED model is 0.1 inches wider and 0.10 pounds heavier), the bezel around the screen is significantly smaller, and the display itself is 7.0 inches. The screen is likely the best handheld display we’ve ever seen (and we’ve seen them all), with clear, strong blacks, great contrast, and good color reproduction. It also has louder, clearer speakers, a solid stand, and a dock that supports wired network connections. However, those nicer things will come at a cost.




Nintendo Switch Handheld gaming PC- Models


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Indepth Review

For those who enjoy playing games wherever they go

If you mostly play on TV but want a system you can take with you, or if you simply prefer Nintendo’s games, the Switch is for you. Most people should buy the full-size Nintendo Switch because it can be used both handheld and docked with a gaming PC, whereas the smaller Switch Lite can only be used handheld. It’s also cheaper than the Switch OLED Model. If you play multiplayer on the couch, you’ll prefer to do so on a full-size TV rather than squinting at split-screen mode on the Switch’s display.


Even if you mostly play in handheld mode, we believe the standard Switch is the best option for most people. Some games designed for television use smallish text that is even more difficult to read on the Switch Lite’s smaller screen. The regular Switch has a bigger advantage: you can swap out the system’s detachable Joy-Con controllers for different colored versions for easy customization.

Those detachable controllers also allow for some of the most strange gameplay experiments on the Switch. The Switch Lite lacks a vibration motor in each Joy-Con. When playing games, the vibration usually just provides force feedback, but some games use it to indicate the locations of hidden items or to convey other useful information. For fans of Wii-style party games, a few Switch multiplayer games, such as Super Mario Party and Snipperclips, make use of motion controls. If you want to play action-heavy single-player games, Nintendo also has the more traditional (and excellent) Switch Pro Controller, which you can pair with a Switch Lite but is far more practical if you’re standing a few feet away from a larger screen.

The base Switch model, on the other hand, now occupies a sort of middle ground in that it is not the most portable or lightest version of the console, nor does it have the nicest or largest screen of the Switch models. However, if you only intend to play Switch games on a TV at home, it’s a simple choice.

Smaller size, no television support

The Switch Lite’s smaller size and lower price make it ideal for multi-Switch households, but its lack of TV support means you can’t play multiplayer games on the couch with family or friends. The Nintendo Switch Lite handheld gaming PC is ideal for those who only play away from the television or as a backup Switch for a family member with smaller hands. If you already have a console and just need something to travel with, the Switch Lite is a good option. Aside from being smaller and unable to connect to a TV, it is also $100 less expensive than the standard Switch. But don’t buy it solely for the sake of saving money if you intend to play on a larger screen at some point.


Although the other Switch models aren’t particularly large, the Switch Lite may be a better travel companion if you’re regularly stuffing it into a backpack or shoulder bag and carrying it around with you—a Switch Lite in a slim but protective shell takes up very tiny space. It also comes in more colors than the standard Switch, which is primarily distinguished by different-colored Joy-Cons.

Premium display, premium price

The Switch OLED Model is without a doubt the nicest Switch console you can buy, with a beautiful screen, improved sound, and a newly useful built-in stand—but it costs nearly twice as much as the Switch Lite. The Nintendo Switch OLED gaming PC model offers the best portable experience on a Nintendo handheld, assuming you want the best and largest screen, the loudest and clearest speakers, and the most useful stand on a Switch. It’s also $50 more expensive than the standard Switch and $150 more expensive than the Switch Lite.


The Switch OLED model is slightly larger, but the playable screen area is much larger thanks to a small black bezel around the display. The grays and blacks on the OLED model are darker than those on the original Switch. That extra cost is primarily driven by the nicer, larger screen, and if you play your Switch primarily outside or away from a TV, it’s the best way to do so. However, if you mostly play on your TV or don’t care about the screen on your Switch, the extra money is probably not worth it. If you’re buying multiple Switch consoles for a family, it’s by far the most expensive option—and the most expensive to replace if something breaks.

Nintendo Switch handheld Gaming PC Online Subscription

Basic Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions are cost-effective, and purchasing a full year at once provides the best value. However, when the Expansion Pass feature is included, the price skyrockets.

Nintendo charges for online gaming. The base subscription is less expensive than Sony and Microsoft plans, but the Expansion Pass significantly raises the price. Nintendo offers one-month, three-month, and 12-month subscriptions, with the price per month decreasing as you purchase more months at once (a 12-month subscription costs less than half of what it costs to buy 12 months individually). Nintendo also offers a family plan for $35 per year, that provides most of the benefits of an individual Switch Online subscription to up to eight accounts. Obviously, the deal improves as you add more accounts, but even if you only have two people in your family, it’s still less expensive than an individual subscription. A “better” deal, however, does not make Nintendo Switch Online a good one, and the value proposition has become more complicated with the introduction of the Online Expansion Pass.

Benefits Of Subscription

Currently, the Nintendo Online Expansion Pass provides subscribers with two types of benefits. The first is free extra content for Nintendo’s own online-enabled games, such as an expansion for Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Splatoon 2, as well as a slew of track additions for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Along with the existing NES and SNES titles included with the basic online service, the Online Expansion Pass adds select Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64 games to its library of previous-generation software. Nintendo Online members currently have access to around a hundred NES and SNES games, but the libraries for the Online Expansion Pass-enabled Genesis and N64 are more limited. The selection of Genesis games is particularly disappointing—the majority of those games are already available on the Switch via other means, despite some surprising inclusions.

Online Plan Subscription

All of these plans are available directly from Nintendo, but you can also purchase codes for three-month, 12-month, and family plan subscriptions to give as gifts. If you see a good deal on one and plan to stay subscribed indefinitely. You can purchase these subscription plans and add them to your existing account. Extend the time remaining on your membership by up to three years. You can avail of a seven-day free trial also.

Remember that these accounts do not cover each Switch you own, but rather individual user accounts. If you have multiple active Switch user accounts. Each one requires its own Switch Online subscription to play online. And access Switch Online-exclusive downloadable content. A family plan is the best way to deal with this situation.

Members of a family plan typically have access to the same content as individual members. Such as online gaming and downloadable games. However, there are some notable exceptions. For example, regardless of whether you have an individual or family subscription. Nintendo will only sell you four of its replica Super Nintendo controllers per Switch Online subscription. However, there aren’t any other drawbacks.

For the time being, we recommend sticking with the base Nintendo Switch handheld gaming PC online plan. Skip the online expansion unless you want the Animal Crossing or Mario Kart expansion content. At least until Nintendo can make a more fascinating cover for the service.

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Consider Buying Essential AccessoriesTo Consider

We have an entire section dedicated to Switch accessories, which includes dongles, controllers, and other various items. But here are the essential accessories you should consider leaving the store with.

SanDisk MicroSDXC memory card for the Nintendo Switch (128 GB, Apex Legends) handheld gaming PC.The most effective MicroSD card This card is quick, stable, and reasonably priced. It is suitable for phones, tablets, game consoles, and other devices.

The 32 GB of storage on your Switch console will quickly run out. For example, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, consumes 13.4 GB on its own. To give yourself more space. We recommend purchasing the 128 GB SanDisk MicroSDXC card for the Nintendo Switch handheld gaming PC. However, any brand-name microSD card with a speed class of U1 or higher is fast enough for the Switch. Evo Samsung’s Select cards are slightly cheaper than the SanDisk and not much slower.  They’re what we’d recommend if you want a larger, 256 GB card. You won’t notice the speed difference as much when playing a game. Because you’re not writing to the card as much as you would with a smartphone or camera. If you see a 128 GB card for less than $20 (or a 256 GB card for less than $40), go ahead and buy it instead.

This protector is crystal clear, bubble-free, and scratch resistant. It comes with two in case you mess up the installation.

The same security for your Switch Lite. Except for the size, the protectors in this three-pack are identical to the version for the larger Switch.

A screen protector is a wise investment for any device with a large touchscreen, and the Switch and Switch Lite models both have plastic screens that scratch easily. We recommend amFilm’s tempered glass screen protectors for both of them. Because they cover the entire Switch screen, are scratch resistant. They come with multiple screen protectors in each box in case your first application attempt fails.

Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch handheld gaming PC. A fantastic controller for extended sessions. For long gaming sessions, the Switch Pro Controller is more comfortable to hold than the Joy-Cons. It has a shape similar to the Xbox One controller and supports motion controls and Amiibo scanning.

The full-size Switch comes with a caddy for both Joy-Cons. So you already have a good full-size controller for when you play on your TV. However, if your Switch will be docked frequently. The Switch Pro Controller is a wise investment. It’s easier to hold for extended periods. Anyone who’s used to an Xbox or PlayStation gamepad will appreciate the full-size joysticks and buttons.

The FastSnail grips aren’t flashy, but they’re more comfortable to hold than the Joy-Cons alone. FastSnail Joy-Con Grips for use with individual Joy-Cons.Individual Joy-Cons are useful for passing around when playing multiplayer party games. But they can be cramped or difficult to hold for long periods. FastSnail’s Joy-Con Grips, add handles and extra size to each Joy-Con. Making them more comfortable to hold is my favorite. They’re cheap, come in as many colors as the Joy-Cons, and are a nice upgrade from the small plastic rails that Nintendo includes in the box.

Nintendo Switch Handheld Gaming PC- Gaming Experience

Big franchises like Call of Duty, Red Dead Redemption, and Battlefield are mostly absent from Switch’s library. In part, because it’s difficult to get graphically intense games to run as well on the Switch. As they do on a PlayStation, Xbox, or modern PC. It does, however, have a large library of Nintendo-exclusive games that aren’t available on other consoles. Such as Metroid Dread, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, Luigi’s Mansion 3, and Super Smash Bros.

We were looking forward to Ooblets’ Switch debut for months before its September release. And it’s been one of our favorite games this year since then. In Ooblets, you collect friendly creatures known as ooblets by taking part in turn-based dance battles. It’s absolutely adorable. Though the dance battles are often too easy to win, requiring little effort or strategy. The original songs that cycle over them are a fun and enjoyable highlight. Hermble, a bird-like critter with a terrible haircut on the sides of an otherwise bald head. This is my favorite of the over 40 different ooblets to find and welcome into your squad. He is an exemplary specimen of nature.

In over 30 hours of play, I’ve discovered a plethora of other activities to enjoy aside from collecting ooblets. Farming is a significant part of the core gameplay. I’ve spent hours growing my own crops to complete tasks for the townspeople, craft items, and sell for gummies. That I’ve used to purchase new clothing and furniture for my house. I’ve also found fulfillment in running my own shop in town. Which I’ve effectively converted into a bakery, and in exploring new lands on the map. Ooblets has a cutesy aesthetic that warms my soul, with its pastel color palette, eccentrically dressed characters, and cheeky dialogue. Those who enjoy the relaxed pace and low-stakes gameplay of games like Animal Crossing will enjoy Ooblets.

We’ve also been jumping in and out of fast-paced Splatoon 3 matches. The latest sequel to one of our favorite kid-friendly shooting games. It expands on Splatoon’s existing world of ink-shooting squid kids and third-person paint battles. By adding playable octo Kids, new maps and weapons, and new online gameplay modes like Tricolor Turf Wars. Splatoon 3 feels cleaner and more polished than its predecessors. It’s provided a welcome respite from the other darker and gorier multiplayer shooters in my rotation.

When we’re not dancing in Ooblets or painting in Splatoon 3. We’re probably playing Potion Permit. A game in which battling plays no role at all. In Potion Permit, you play as a chemist dispatched to the small town of Moonbury to assist and heal the locals. It gets off to a sluggish start. But once I got past that and had enough quests to keep me busy. I found it to be a refreshing entry in the adventure-simulation genre.

Moonbury’s residents will be wary of you at first. But if you don’t mess up when diagnosing or treating them. You’ll quickly gain their trust. The ending of mini-titles such as rhythm and memory challenges. As well as other tasks in the game, such as researching new recipes and working part-time jobs around town. It is required for diagnosing patients in your clinic. Brewing potions to heal ailments entails sliding various ingredients you’ve collected into Tetris-like puzzle blocks in your cauldron. Which is by far my favorite mini-game. The rest of my time in Potion. The permit is spent gathering wild ingredients outside of town, running errands posted on local bulletin boards, and fixing up my run-down house.

It’s a slow-paced, relaxing game with beautiful pixel animation. And I’m looking forward to progressing further through the overarching story.


➕ Unique hybrid design

➕ HD Rumble

➕ Two included controllers

➕ Bright, crisp, colorful screen


    ➖ Joy-Cons can only be charged on the console without an accessory –

    ➖ Split D-pad

    ➖ Oddly placed the right analog stick

    ➖ Limited online service at launch

    Closing Thoughts!!

    The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid of a handheld gaming PC and a home console. That aims to be the only device. You’ll need gaming, no matter where you are. The hybrid console has been an undeniable success. Providing an exceptional level of handheld graphical quality while seamlessly transitioning into a home console. Though this adaptability has necessitated power and functionality sacrifices in comparison to dedicated consoles and handhelds that came before it.

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