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by | Jul 23, 2022 | Portable, Prebuilt Gaming PC


We scour the web to find only the best gaming PCs  for a silky-smooth 1080p gaming experience

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AMD RYZEN 3 3200G Desktop Processor

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ASRock B450M-HDV

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Silicon DDR4 RAM 16GB

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VisionTek Radeon 5450 2GB DDR3

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Thermaltake Smart 430W

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Last Updated July 23, 2022

If you are looking for a portable gaming set-up that can provide you a high processing speed with great graphics and ample memory, with should also fit your budget which we assumed is $400 as it is the best to budget for middle-class families, then you are on the right spot. We have extensively researched this Portable Gaming Set-up that could give you the results you need and also matches our tough budget of $400, this extensive research took our days as steep increase in electrical components was observed this year.




As you know, we are looking for a customized portable gaming set-up which means it needs to be built by joining components together so we have carefully searched for those components that are user-friendly and could be set up easily without wasting your time and energy.


We have been challenged to find a portable gaming set-up that could be bought for $400 in 2022, despite of steep increase in inflation, especially in electronics due to the shortfall of electrical components. We have managed to provide you a portable gaming set-up that will definitely be light on your pocket.


It is really hard to find all the components perfect when your budget is tight despite this we had to make sure that the components we will select must not be of poor quality or have bad reviews regarding quality as our main aim had always been to provide your quality.

Our selected components are mostly of Great Quality or sometimes, it is of average quality which can give you near-to-expected results which we think will justify our choices.


If you can choose the pre-built option then why are you customizing your gaming set-up? This question usually arises in your mind when we mostly consider customize set-up rather than pre-built. This is due to some of its advantages that no one can deny such as Great Quality, if you are choosing each component separately then for sure you will opt for great quality components, you are building your portable gaming set-up from scratch which gives you the control unlike in pre-built gaming set-ups which may focus on one aspect but by compromising another aspect. Furthermore, it will cost less when compared to pre-built as you can some ordinary can manage components that are of less importance and component, you will, of course, buy that component in cheap price or say you can opt for second-hand components also which will cut your price huge margins. As you have the control you will handpick all the quality components which means no need to worry for years.

Best Gaming PC Under $400 Component Details

AMD RYZEN 3 3200G Desktop Processor

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There is no doubt that Ryzen is producing one of the best components for gaming set-up and this is why the company offers you a 3-year warranty for you to be relaxed while choosing this Desktop processor, not only this out of all the Ryzen series, this 3200G 3 series is the most reliable and powerful as it is loaded with tons of specs and moreover, it also provides a Radeon Vega 8 Graphics, those who loves the high-resolution games, then be ready for the amazing graphics that this Ryzen 3200 G is going to provide you with its 1250 MHz graphics frequency.

Furthermore, it is unlocked for overclocking, you can easily upgrade it which shows that this series is built to last, it is also equipped with inner cooler fans that perform greatly to prevent your set-up from overheating, and also it provides you 4 Physical cores and an excellent performance because of its 4.0 GHz turbo clock.

Moreover, it also supports competitive games and without any lags you will enjoy the gaming experience to its fullest and as you know we usually also discuss the drawbacks if available but I am very happy to know that despite searching it thoroughly I couldn’t find any noticeable drawback in it which means it is an awesome selection for you.

ASRock B450M-HDV

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The motherboard is the backbone of the system and when researching the motherboard was going it was really hard to find a budget and performance-based motherboard that could really provide value to our portable gaming set-up but anyhow after extensive research, we were happy to find this ASRock B459M which was quite low in cost with
suitable functions.

It uses DDR4 Technology for RAM memory which is impressive in my opinion and gives it an edge, also it is equipped with 32 GB of memory storage which means a suitable amount of storage is available and in terms of built quality, it is amazing and very much firm to touch. The storage is provided by four 6 SATA Gpbs ports.

The best thing is it works great with the Ryzen series which means coincidently we have created a great pair and also this motherboard also comes with PCIe 3.0 x 16 slots and it uses its special AMD StoreMI Technology, it combines two types of storage into a single drive.

One of the key features of a motherboard in my opinion is built-in quality and this ASRock is specially designed to reduce gaps within the layers to protect it against any electrical shorts which are caused due to numerous reasons and some electrical components are sensitive due to which they are vulnerable to voltage spikes damage’s and this motherboard in this scenario provides you a Full Spike Protection against any of these issues.

Silicon Power Value Gaming DDR4 RAM 16GB

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 Memory is a crucial part of gaming set-ups and this Silicon Power RAM is personally what I love, it is awarded as Amazon's choice in the memory category and its demands in 2022 have risen to an all-time high on most of the sites, due to which it was unavailable.

It is also equipped with DDR4 RAM memory technology which is recommended and 16 GB of suitable memory size and it provides you great performance even during competitive games and it is recommended by many Tech Gurus, this is not only the reason why I am recommending you for our Potable Gaming Set-up, there are tons of loaded features in
this component such as 3200 MHz of memory speed which is the sonic speed in my view and is backed by a lifetime warranty and an excellent after-sales service.

Furthermore, it is equipped with an Aluminium heat sink which allows fast heat dissipation and not only this it a low voltage use of 1.35V enables it to increase its life and solves the problem of consumption of energy which is personally my favorite feature, with colorful RGB display it is perfect for you high-performance games and it also supports Intel Extreme Memory Profile and according to company it is 100% Tested before rolling it ours to our customers.


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This is the best option if you are on a tight budget and looking for SSD that could provide you with the performance you desired. With its competitive performance and low price, no doubt it is loved by many users and surprisingly it also offers a 5- year warranty which is simply I would say that buying this SSD will be
sufficient for you.
Usually, you will see that the SSD companies get washed out very quickly due to the high competition in the market, and managing low price with quality is something very difficult especially when you are doing this for the long term but TeamGroup have managed this and despite many years they are still running strong.

It provides you with 4 options when it comes to memory storage: 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, and 1 TB. My recommendation is 512 GB as it will be more than sufficient for you and will provide you desired results. It uses SATA III 6 Gbs transfer interface which means High-Speed Transfer speed due to which it reduces the operating time and makes the system much efficient which is ideally great for portable gaming set-up and it uses Smart Response Technology which supports Intel Support Response Technology which offers fast response time and improves and improves the overall working efficiency and this doesn't end here it is also equipped with Comprehensive Smart Technology which supports the Advance Garbage Collection. It provides an excellent solution for performance and
service life.

VisionTek Radeon 5450 2GB DDR3

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In order to stick to our budget we need to compromise some of the components but as I said above in the intro that we will never consider a poor quality component but instead we will consider an average quality and only few of that will match this criteria fortunately.

Consider this VisionTek Graphics card an average quality but it will surely provide you sufficient performance that your portable gaming set-up needs It will provide a class quality image for you normal games and will provide suitable image quality for competitive games. It uses GDDR3

Technology which is not the latest but upon checking it will surely workout and DirectX support is also given.

The best thing about this graphics card is it will provide you 3-years of sufficient warranty and also the key feature the VisionTek has highlighted is AMD Stream Technology which primary function in simple words is to accelerate your applications or videos processing speed which will prevent lags in games especially when playing competitive games.It doesn’t stops here they have also equipped there graphics card with famous AMD PowerPlay Technology, it works on power efficiency and gives you the required results you need. To Conclude, I would say this graphics will provide you needs of your games, so considering the budget VisionTek would be suitable for our portable gaming set-up.

Thermaltake Smart 430W

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Thermaltake Smart is a classic power supply engine, that will surely work’s according to expectations and as commonly said about power supply that they damages the set-up because of their usually low quality components.

Our Portable Gaming Set-up will definitely a power supply and this really worried me as usually power supply are not considered great but no need to worry anymore as this budget-friendly Thermaltake Smart power-supply will give you everything you need with its high quality components it provides you a high efficiency by saving energy
upto 86%.

Furthermore, it is embedded with superb quality air cooler fans that will cool down you whole system and it is really great considering that our portable gaming set-up is being equipped with so many customized components and the best thing is it contains multiple connectors which makes installation very easy and ease of connectivity is very high, which is
beneficial when you are building customized set-up.

The highlighted feature of this power supply is its 80 PLUS Standard Certification which as said mentioned above means it guarantees low power losses to save your electricity.Moving towards the built-quality the power supplier is designed specially to save it from any kind of electricity mishaps and also the micro components used in it are of Great quality to
increase its life span.

COUGAR MG130-G Compact Micro-ATX
Gaming Case

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Definitely you would need a Case that could provide your portable gaming set-up the desired protection and this gem is available in extreme low price that provides you features of premium cases, its side are equipped with beautiful Tempered Glass that is 4 times stronger than traditional glass and even gives more shine.

It is usually used in places where human safety is primary and this Cougar case definitely cares about you and due to this great size i can accommodate the whole portable gaming set-up easily and even is designed in a way that can also accommodate up to 6 cooling fans and it innovative design using a metal for front panels and tempered glass for side panels gives it an attractive design that will surely catch anyone’s attention and because of its side panels made-up of glass your components will be fully visible to you and to increase its elegance the RGB lights are also equipped and it is also
creates a great support for the components and provide them enough room to work properly. It is insane to know that they provide room for 330 mm of long graphic cards and even you can fit up to 3 radiators that will give a top notch of cooling and there is even a single exhaust fan built at the back side of panel that is huge.

Although there were many other options available for the cases but the primary reason to choose this was its huge space with top notch cooling capacity.

Things To Consider


It simply means to reset your Set-up components in such a way that it will boost their performance and it is quite useful aspect, the issue will emerge if the following component does’t support overclocking so make sure to check properly if the following component support’s overclocking. It is amazingly getting much common among pro-gamers
those who play competitive games regularly.

Ease of connectivity:

If you have planned to set your own customized portable gaming set-up then it is must to notice or checkout the following
component’s tendency to easily connect with others. It is usually observed that some of the components usually create problem when connected with other components, so do lookout before buying. We recommend you to look for that specific components reviews, to get a basic idea of the component ease of connectivity atleast.


It is extremely important to take a deep look on performance of your portable gaming set-up’s component due to tight budget you many not find the best one but do not consider the poor one at any cost, you always have an option of average quality. Do not compromise on performance as it is core element when you are considering to play competitive games especially.

Final Word

There are definitely lots of options out there for your portable gaming set-up But our motto was to make it easier for
you as the budget was very tight and it is incredibly hard to decide the best portable gaming set-up out there and we have managed to bring some of the budget friendly and quality components

There are few components that were of average quality but as said in the intro they are sufficient for you competitive games and great for your usual games.

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