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by | Jul 23, 2022 | Portable, Prebuilt Gaming PC


We scour the web to find only the best prtable gaming PCs for a silky-smooth gaming experience

Razer Blade Stealth 13 Laptop

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GAEMS Sentinel Pro XP

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G-STORY 12.5‘’ Portable Monitor for Xbox Series X

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Last Updated : July 23, 2022

In this era, we look for portable things that can be easily carried around without worries similarly, as gaming is getting all-time high so the need for portable gaming set-up is also becoming more and more popular among teens.

We cannot carry around the typical gaming set-up because potability depends on several factors so here in this article we will help you by sharing the review and in-depth information of the Top 9 Best Portable Gaming Set-ups.

What main features will you find in this Portable Gaming Set-up?


It was our priority to find the best portable Gaming Set-up for you that can be easily carried with you whether it be in coffee shops or parks. It should be light-weighted and very easy to set up so that it can maximize your portability or ease to use these Portable Gaming Set-ups.


We all have certain amounts of Budget, so we need to look for those Gaming setups that are very light in your pocket and good in features. So we have avoided the expensive setups and tried our best to retain the budget that would be suitable for middle-income people.


No doubt, that we all like to play games without any lags and should be as smooth as possible. These all depend on the performance of the Gaming set up so we have thoroughly researched these Portable Gaming set-ups to make sure they provide the required performance for your gaming.

Our Top 3 Picks


Razer Blade Stealth 13 Ultrabook Laptop attached with Razer Core X Aluminium External GPU

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If you are looking for a customized set-up that can quench your thirst for performance and Graphics then you should consider this as its monstrous performance will sure satisfy you


GAEMS Sentinel Pro XP

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A Sleeky design loaded with tons of features; a superb built-in quality with high-resolution graphics and an anti-glare screen for your eyes protection, if you are not restricted by budget and want to buy a one-time gaming setup that is built to last, then this is for you


G-STORY 12.5‘’ Portable Monitor for Xbox Series X

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Integrated with Xbox series and 4K portable screen are the key features of this Portable Gaming set-up, plus HDR technology helps in clarity of images, if you are looking for an eye-catchy design with latest equipped technology then do try out this portable gaming set-up

In-depth Review


GAEMS Sentinel Pro XP

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How to review >


  • High-Resolution Graphics
  • Anti-glare screen for your eyes protection
  • Superb Built-in quality 
  • Little bit expensive

Sentinel Pro XP is the true definition of innovation and Quality. The first thing you will notice is its portability which in my opinion is excellent, it is light-weighted and user-friendly.

It provides you with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution and also it is equipped with anti-glare technology which means you can go for long periods without worrying about your eyes although taking some breaks is a better option definitely but I would appreciate its designing team for this.

The next main thing about this is its build-in quality, which is firm and smooth and it is built to last. The Graphics are also a notable feature of it they provide high resolution, and I also included an HDMI port which means connecting will not be an issue with any other components if needed.

The size of the screen is approximately 17 inches which are sufficient for a clear view and of course, it contains all the needed elements that make it smooth for playing highly competitive games.


Case Club Waterproof station

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How to review >


  • Image Resolution is Superb
  • It is Water and Dust Proof
  • Strong Built-in quality
  • Great responsive rate
  • Heavy
  • Not attractive design

This Portable Gaming Set-up is fully equipped with components, it comes with a built-in monitor, HDMI cable, and powerful internal speakers which produces a great sound especially if you are playing games like Battleground and Fortnite.

It is extremely user-friendly and can connect to any of the gaming elements easily. The special thing is that it can be connected both during transit and operation, its graphics are really impressive and can provide a high resolution which simply means an increase in the gaming experience.

This Portable Gaming set-up is Waterproof and Dustproof, now you can easily eat snacks and drink juices while playing long games without any worries. Hook and loop straps fasten down the items and also the best thing about it is not that expensive which means the company has played a nice strategy by keeping the prices down to create tough competition.

However, some drawbacks also need to be discussed, first of all, this portable gaming set-up is really heavy which may cause some discomfort for you if you are planning to carry it with you during trips. Regarding its design, it is also not as eye-catching as the other portable gaming set-ups are. The company should take a necessary step in improving designs as this may increase their sales. 


Nintendo Switch Lite

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  • Extreme Portability
  • Cheaper in price
  • Beautiful Design
  • Great Battery Life
  • The screen size is relatively small
  • TV Mode is not available

Nintendo in terms of portability is indeed the best, as it can easily fit in our palms and due to light weight it can be carried easily if you are planning for trips, in addition, it is very cheap and I will recommend it to those people whose budget is tight. 

In terms of design,  I would say it is eye-catchy and due to its availability in different colors it looks extremely beautiful. Moreover, it provides a great battery life so no need to worry if you are planning to play for long periods and there would be enough backup if you are planning to play outdoors.

It was the best selling product last year which shows us the demand for this product. However, there are some issues like you may feel its screen size is relatively small when compared to other portable gaming set-ups which may affect your gaming experience, and also TV mode is not available.

Overall, I would say if you are a Hodophile ( meaning if you love to travel a lot) then it would be extremely useful and would give you the required results as it is equipped with built-in games which is also a plus point. 



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  • User-friendly functions
  • Great Quality Speakers used 
  • 2 TB of Hard Drive
  • May lag on competitive games
  • Battery time is considerably low

OneXplayer Mini is another great example of portability, a simple and decent design that attracts you, and the key feature according to my opinion is its user-friendly functions which are very simple to use and they have utilized the space very nicely for buttons. The battery is good, I wouldn’t say great as their competitors but still, you can play for sufficient time.

Another notable feature is its memory which is 2 TB, an impressive addition in this and following features are also present in it: it provides you support for Bluetooth, it also supports eGPU which will enhance your resolution, modern speakers are used which will give you a level-up experience in gaming.

Moreover, the size of the display screen is 7 inches and it provides a resolution of 1920×1200 it uses Iris Xe Graphics eligible 96Eu and it uses Windows 11 user-friendly platform. 16 GB RAM is also provided which will be sufficient for you and the DDR4 modern computer memory type is used.

However, as usual, some drawbacks need to be discussed to make it transparent for you, there are some issues reported for its lagging during competitive games which need to be considered by the company, and also the battery although according to the company must be durable but this, unfortunately, didn’t around in that way so you may need a power bank if you are planning for long trips.

Overall, it is highly recommended for those people who love to store large files of games, the battery wouldn’t be an issue for them, and of course if portability is a priority for you.



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  • Excellent built-in quality 
  • Monstrous performance
  • Great Resolution
  • Expensive to buy
  • Heavy
  • Cannot be connected easily

A question might arise in your mind how come this simple-looking laptop can be compared with other portable gaming set-ups, although this may look like a simple laptop the performance and functions it provides are no less than any other gaming set-ups mentioned here. It is indeed designed to play highly competitive games and although there are some connectivity issues still you can attach any other gaming components with it to enhance its performance and to enjoy this monster gaming set-up to its fullest capability  

Asus ROG G703GI is a monstrous performance Gaming set-up that has outclassed all of its category Gaming set-ups due to its features that no doubt are amazing although there are some issues as all that glitter is not gold, so we will address some of its issues at the end, for now, let’s take a deep look at some of its key features, it is equipped with 17.3 inches of screen, it also provides you 2048GB of hard disk and contains latest  Core i9 model is used which is a nice update in this Gaming set-up. A 64 GB RAM is also installed in it to improve its processing speed and Windows 10 is used as a platform to make it user-friendly.

In terms of built-in quality, it is solid as a rock in my opinion and Colourful lights are used on the keyboard to give a unique look to it. The cooling systems used are very much impressive as they are specially designed to work for long hours.

Although this is one of our favorite gaming set-ups, there are some issues as it is relatively expensive and might be a lot heavy for our pocket to bear, a set-up which is a negative point as we prefer budgets as most people tend to buy normal price setups and also its is very much heavy weight which means it disturbs the portability for the one who frequently travels.


 Razer Blade Stealth 13 Ultrabook Laptop attached with Razer Core X Aluminium External GPU

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  • Custom Built Gaming Laptop
  • Incredible Fast Speeds
  • Lightweight laptop
  • eGPU may affect its portability factor

This Portable Gaming Set-up is not a Pre-built version but it is a customized Gaming set-up in which we have connected the Gaming Laptop with External GPU to boost its performance and resolution and this experiment was very successful.

This Thin and lightweight portable gaming laptop RAZER Blade Stealth was designed for gaming and your office work both but there was some lagging in it as computer processing speed was relatively slow so this RAZER Core X eGPU was connected with it to check how it works and it turned out to be superb.

Incredible fast speed was maintained and it was extremely user-friendly as you just have to plug and play. The most impressive thing in my opinion was the eGPU is upgradeable which means if you want the monster level of it you can achieve it by upgrading it and the laptop is extremely thin and lightweight just around 3.09 pounds although attaching the eGPU increases its weight which is may create little of discomfort for you. This 13.3 inches screen provides a high resolution for you and due to this portable gaming setup you can play the highly competitive games very smoothly, the most beautiful part is it takes only 90 seconds to set up.

In Terms of drawback, in my opinion, it is the portability factor as we are mainly looking for portable gaming set-ups so you might think that it is a great negative factor but in my humble opinion due to its easy set-up and lightweight. This portability factor issue is reduced but still, it is highly recommended for those who just love performance and graphics.


G-STORY 12.5‘’ Portable Monitor for Xbox Series X

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  • You can switch modes with only one button
  • Innovative and Attractive Design 
  • Integrated with Xbox series 
  • The screen is relatively small 
  • Sound quality issue

G-Story no doubt got the required limelight due to its unique design and integration with Xbox and its user-friendly functions were also great you can change the mode with the click of a button which is impressive and no doubt that it is extremely portable and suits our criteria of portable gaming set-up and due to its 4K resolution no doubt your graphics will be great providing you a clear image and one of its unique feature other than designing its popping screen which can slide down easily and increase the portability.

Moreover, it also provides you FTG mode which will help the system to achieve ultra-fast speed, and the modern HDR technology that this system uses is responsible for the clear picture by avoiding stuttering.

Furthermore, moving towards the drawbacks of this system, the first thing you will notice is its relatively small-screen which disturbs the gaming experience and there were some cases of sound quality issues like distortion of sound which also affects the sale of this portable gaming set-up. However, their after-sales service is great which means if any issue arises they will make sure to solve it as soon as possible.


LG Gram + View 16 Inch Portable WQXGA

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  • Beautiful Slim Design
  • Anti-glare screen
  • Extreme Light Weight
  • Issues in connectivity

This LG Gram’s main goal was to build a Gaming Set-up that is extremely lightweight and could be carried anywhere, this is the reason why this Portable Gaming Set-up has made its place in this light. It contains 16 inches of screen that is very clear and beautifully designed. It also provides you with anti-glare technology to protect your eyes which in my opinion every gaming company should prioritize health precautions.

The resolution is superb and many gamers enjoy playing due to its advanced resolution technologies, also it is equipped with an auto-rotate option.

However, the issues in connectivity have been reported which is concerning as to customize or upgrade your Gaming setup your connector, can easily connect with components. It’s a bit too costly due to its brand and quality which may be heavy for many of us to buy this laptop.

I would highly recommend it for those who are into continuous travel, this can give you normal results that might cause some tiny issues but because of its portability, your comfort will not be harmed.


GPD Win 3

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  • Superb Battery life
  • Great Connectivity
  • 1 TB of Hard disk
  • Performance lags when playing competitive games

GPD Win 3 is a great portable gaming set-up that is of unique design and a full QWERTY keyboard is used for gamers to navigate the functions easily. Moreover, its battery life is very long as it is designed for the ones who love outings, also there are no connectivity issues equipped with Thunderbolt 4, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi which usually connect in an instant which personally impressed me.

It provides you 1 TB of hard disk means no need to worry about connectivity issues but relatively its screen is only 5.5 inches which might be a little problematic but in terms of resolution they have done pretty well.

It uses Core i7 technology which is relatively good and also 16 GB of RAM is also included in it.

However, some minor issues in it might not be great for pro-gamers like they lag in highly competitive games. Of Course, we all love to play games like Fortnite or Battleground which might not work properly and this is a concerning negative effect although while playing low competitive games this set-up works quite well and the response is really fast.

Overall, I would recommend this for those who love to play low competitive games and don’t want the battery to be bad, also need something less expensive, then this would be ideal as its design is unique and the potability issue is very nicely solved so do check out if the above criteria match with your interest.

Things You Need To Consider

We have provided you with an in-depth review about the best Portable Gaming set-up that contains almost all the features that you need, still, if you are planning to buy a Gaming set-up physically or you are planning to create a customized set-up of your own then do consider these things as many people tend to ignore this but it counts when you want a gaming set-up that would last for years. Here are the following qualities 


No doubt that every new upgrade is launched and some of them might fascinate you and you want to buy to enhance your gaming experience but this issue arises from the ease of connectivity which is an important quality if your portable gaming set-up might create an issue but not accepting new components. So, do consider and test out whether the gaming set-up will support the upgradability.


Now if you are planning to buy a portable gaming set-up so there are probably high chances that you love traveling or you want to play games when you are on picnic or trips so battery life does count in, you cannot charge your gaming setup easily when you are traveling so a durable battery is something important to consider when you are buying a portable gaming set-up.


Many of us don’t take our health seriously which is not acceptable when you are playing for long hours then your eyes may hurt badly, if you are spending a good amount of money to buy a portable gaming set-up then prioritize an anti-glare screen that helps a lot when you are playing for long hours.


Of course, this shouldn’t be ignored, but unfortunately, many of us ignore it, user-friendly functions simply make your gaming a bit faster and don’t put in complexity. This is why do check out whether the following portable gaming set-up contains easy function buttons.

Final Word

We have deeply researched the top 9 best portable gaming set-up that fits all our set criteria as mentioned above in the intro- section although it was not easy to find as Gaming set-ups are very less often portable as they tend to focus on qualities but some set-ups have produced the portable gaming set-ups.

Our Top 3 preferences are also given to make it as much easier as we can for you and also we have tried to recommend these products by mentioning some mindsets of people who may value budget or some may value performance or anything it may be. We have tried our best to gather as much information and avoided difficult technical terms to make it easy for you so that simply you can read their features and make up your mind.

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