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USA, Canada, UK & Europe

Last Updated:November 19, 2022

These custom computer home builder websites will certainly allow you select a custom-made PC that need to match your demands if you’re trying to find a new pc gaming system yet do not intend to build your very own system.

For some time now, I’ve been constructing my own computer systems. And for practically as long, I’ve been attempting to convince others to follow the very same course. There are numerous benefits to building a PC. A number of people have the exact same thoughts pertaining to computer system structure.

They would certainly favor to avoid the trouble of needing to discover how to construct a pc gaming computer, although it’s a whole lot easier than you might assume! and they have no problem investing even more money to have it constructed for them. If you fall under this category, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are numerous customized PC contractors around who will certainly develop a computer system that you will certainly enjoy making use of

In this article, we’ll discuss the best custom PC builder websites available right now and explain why you should choose them as a possibility if you want to have a PC created specifically for you.

Origin PC

Specialise in Devices,Gaming,Workstations
Price range $1000-$8000
Features VR Ready, 4K, Overclocking, and Watercooling
Warranty offered 1-3 years
Deliverd in International


Three former Alienware employees left the company a few years after Dell purchased the well-known custom PC builder Alienware and started their own business, Origin PC.

Every One Of Beginning PC’s designs and classes of PCs and also laptop computers are “customizable” to match the specs you select, as well as they supply custom-built desktops and also laptops for gaming and also company applications. They have compact form-factor, mid-tower, full-tower, and super-tower cases for their custom PCs. Additionally, they provide laptops with single or even dual GPUs that are available in lightweight cases.

There are several affordable systems offered by Origin PC, and their entry-level gaming machine costs $1,343. However, they do offer financing alternatives, so if you don’t exactly have the money to spend over $1,000 on a system right now, you can choose to make smaller monthly payments instead. If you want much faster delivery alternatives, they do have a little option of their systems available on Amazon. They provide free lifetime tech support and 1-year guarantees on their systems, with the opportunity to upgrade to 3-year warranties.


Specialise in Creator, Laptops, Gaming
Price range $700 – $6000
Features VR Ready, 4K, Overclocking, and Watercooling
Warranty offered 1 years
Deliverd in Canada, USA


CyberPowerPC may provide a greater option of base designs as well as configuration options than any other. CyberPowerPC was established in 1998 and sells both custom desktop computers and custom laptops.

With gaming desktops starting at $769 and gaming laptops starting at $799, they also offer the lowest starting prices compared to the other choices on this list. However, you may find even more affordable options straight from CyberPowerPC on Amazon, with prices starting at $499. Additionally, their $779 gaming computer on Amazon is such a great deal that it even matches the performance you’d get from a system you could build for between $700 and $800.

Moreover, CyberPowerPC, like MainGear and Origin PC, provides financing options via Affirm, allowing for the possibility of making monthly payments for their systems.

Every system sold by CyberPowerPC includes a standard 1-year warranty, a 3-year service agreement, and lifetime technical support. Although custom systems take a few weeks to be shipped out, they do have slower shipping delays. However, you can pay for fast shipping in as few as three days. Nonetheless, their choices on Amazon are qualified for Prime, so you may secure free shipping on them in as little as 2 days.


Specialise in Media, Laptops, Gaming
Price range $800 – $10000
Features VR Ready, 4K, Overclocking, and Watercooling
Warranty offered 1-years
Deliverd in Canada, USA


CyberPowerPC’s major competitor when it comes to inexpensive custom PC possibilities is iBuyPower. They provide financing alternatives with Affirm as well, so regular monthly repayments are a possibility. They have gaming PCs that start at $899.

iBuyPower was established in 1999, and they currently provide a selection of personalized desktops and laptops that may be customized according to your requirements. Additionally, iBuyPower sells prebuilt gaming PC on Amazon for as little as $549, much like CyberPowerPC. As a result, you always have the choice to select to obtain your computer system delivered to you faster by purchasing with Amazon if you do not wish to await iBuyPower to construct you a custom-made system.

The configuration system offered by iBuyPower offers a variety of customization features, including custom RGB lighting, improved cases, CPUs, GPUs, and CPU coolers, as well as advanced warranty protection. As it streamlines the process of choosing a PC for you depending on the games you play, its Easy Builder is undoubtedly one of the best custom configuration features.

All iBuyPower custom systems have a standard 3-year guarantee and can be ready to ship in 5 to 10 business days (however, there are options for faster shipping/production).


Specialise in Servers, Laptops, Gaming, and Workstations
Price range $800 – $15000
Features VR Ready, 4K, Overclocking, and Watercooling
Warranty offered Lifetime
Deliverd in  International


Even though Xidax is not as well-known as brands like Origin PC, MainGear, CyberPowerPC, and iBuyPower, they may be the best option for anyone looking to build a custom PC. Their custom personal Computers start at the most affordable rate on this list, with a beginning cost of $565. Additionally, they provide high-end desktops, workstations, and laptop choices for use in gaming or the workplace.

Better core hardware can be added to Xidax PCs through their customization features, which also include customization options like RGB lighting, CPU and GPU overclocking, CPU delidding, engraving, speedier shipment, etc. You may also finance Xidax’s systems through Affirm and pay monthly installments for them.

Laptops from Xidax come with a 2-year limited guarantee, while all of their desktop PCs have an industry-leading lifetime limited warranty.


Specialise in Workstations, Media, Gaming Laptops,  Streaming, and Creators’
Price range $1000-$4000
Features VR Ready, 4K, Overclocking.
Warranty offered 2-years
Deliverd in  USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, UK



NZXT is a well-known brand when it comes to PC hardware and accessories, so their most recent foray into custom-built PCs is deserving of praise. You should anticipate a superior experience from their custom PCs given their success and good standing in the PC hardware sector.

Contrary to some other customized PC builders, BLD needs you to finish a detailed questionnaire to aid you find the most effective system for your needs and spending plan. This is in contrast to some other customized PC builders that supply different pre-configured builds (that can be changed to your taste). You make a decision which primary pc game you want to play, how much cash you want to invest, as well as whether you want a computer with an AMD or Intel processor.

From there, BLD offers a recommended build, which you can then further personalize based upon your needs. Core equipment (CPU, GPU, RAM and also storage capability, PSU, and so on) along with peripherals like the instance (NZXT models just), cooling, color schemes, and also RGB illumination are all configurable. Their 2-year service warranty is neither the longest neither the shortest, among the personalized computer makers on this list (at the very least, without paying extra). Additionally, they guarantee that their systems will deliver within 48 hours.

You may pay an additional $200 to have the system supplied the same day (as long as you order by 11 AM EST).


Specialise in Workstations, Gaming, and Laptops
Price range $700-$1800
Features VR Ready, 4K, Overclocking, and Watercooling
Warranty offered 1-year
Deliverd in  USA


Custom computers have been made by MainGear for more than 15 years. MainGear, which was established in 2002, features a solid range of desktops, laptops, and workstations that can be used for either personal or professional purposes.

All of MainGear’s systems are customizable, and like the other alternatives on our list, you can customize everything about them, from the CPU and graphics card inside of them to adding RGB lights, a unique paint job, numerous storage devices in RAID configuration, and improved warranties (among others). If you’re looking for a PC that is eligible for Prime shipping and MainGear systems, you may find them there as well.

Systems from Main Gear do start at exceptional rates (at the very least, for a personalized pre-built computer internet site). The Vybe, their entry-level gaming machine, costs $825. The 1-year assurance that comes standard on every one of MainGear’s custom-made PCs can be upgraded to a 3-year guarantee via their configuration selections.

Falcon Northwest

Specialise in Gaming
Price range $2000-$12000
Features VR Ready, 4K
Warranty offered 3-years
Deliverd in USA, Canada


The oldest custom PC builder on this list, Falcon Northwest has been in business since 1992. Falcon Northwest won’t be a good choice for you if your main goal is to build a more affordable custom PC. Falcon Northwest is a custom PC builder to take into consideration if you require a high-performance desktop or laptop and you have a sizable budget.

Laptop and desktop choices from Falcon Northwest start at $2,500 and $2,200, respectively. Their systems all have a standard 3-year guarantee and provide hardware and design customization possibilities (custom-painted cases),

Falcon Northwest, however, does not provide financing for its systems, thus there are no alternatives for monthly payments like there are with the other solutions on our list (unless, of course, you use a credit card.)


Specialise in Gaming, Devices, Servers, Media,
Price range $800-$8000
Features VR Ready, 4K, Overclocking, and Watercooling
Warranty offered 1-3 years
Deliverd in USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Australia, UK


The option with the most extensive catalog on this list might be AVADirect. AVA Direct offers a wide range of system options and configurations, including high-end gaming desktops, specialized gaming laptops, workstations, mini-PC setups, and even extreme tablets.

In addition, AVADirect markets private components, allowing consumers to buy anything from desktop computer hard disks to headsets, keyboards, as well as computer mice.

They offer custom-built laptop computers starting at $1,099 as well as video gaming desktops starting at $919. And if you want to break up your investment into smaller sums, they provide financing on all of their systems.


Specialise in Workstations, Gaming, and Media’
Price range $500-$1800
Features VR Ready, 4K
Warranty offered 3-years
Deliverd in  USA


Even though hardware prices have been out of control for over a year, things still break and become old. The best websites for creating PCs, as we’ve already seen, provide models that can go up to four digits; eCollegePC is different. The reality that you do not have to is currently a perk, yet you can still acquire an amazing video gaming PC from them and leave with a sobbing purse..

The main appeal of eCollegePC is its low cost. Additionally, we are not referring to cheap gaming machines. The only website on the list that offers the absolute minimum for creating spreadsheets, managing college essays, and browsing the web is this one. Systems using Intel or AMD start at around $457! Even better, the Value Series provides marginally improved versions for between $550 and $700.

If  you’re searching for a high-end computer, do not disregard eCollegePC. Computers from other websites that have hardware are competitive with gaming and Mini-Series devices. The builder tool is excellent, which is wonderful news for users who wish to create their own systems from scratch. Starting with a $1,000 PC and adding $2,000 to it is all too common due to the wide variety of components available.

All eCollegePC models come with lifetime service and technical support, and a one-year warranty on parts. Given that it takes 5-7 service days to procedure and also ship orders, shipping could be done more quickly.. This website doesn’t have any significant problems, but if you were hoping to purchase a laptop from them, you’re out of luck.

Digital Storm

Specialise in Workstations, Gaming, and Laptops
Price range $700-$3000
Features VR Ready, 4K, Overclocking, and Watercooling
Warranty offered 1-year
Deliverd in USA, Direct Quotes for International


Since 2002, Digital Storm has provided a variety of custom PCs, workstations, and laptops for use in gaming and/or the workplace. While CyberPowerPC and iBuyPower both have a greater selection of base models to pick from and more affordable options via Amazon, Digital Storm provides the least expensive base model system out of all the other options on our list. Their entry-level Vanquish model costs $699 and can improve in a variety of ways.

The 3-year restricted warranties that come conventional on all Digital Storm designs can update to 4- or 5-year restricted warranties. If you choose to make monthly payments rather than the full price upfront, many systems also provide financing alternatives.

Computer Upgrade King (CUK)

Specialise in

Gaming, Laptops, Devices, Servers, Media, and Workstations

Price range $120-$5400
Features VR Support, 4K Resolution, and Overclocking
Warranty offered Lifetime
Deliverd in WorldWide


Despite being a more recent custom PC manufacturer, Computer Upgrade King has already established a solid reputation. Many of their systems are available on Amazon, but they also have a lot more options on their website.

They provide a range of standard PCs and laptops, all of which can be somewhat customized. With laptops starting at $549 and desktops at $479, they are unquestionably one of the more affordable selections on this list.

Additionally, they provide financing through Affirm on all of their goods, just like many of the other custom PC builders on this list, to make it simpler to buy a more expensive system.

EK Fluid Gaming

Specialise in Workstations, Media, Gaming Laptops, Devices
Price range $1700-$6500
Features VR Ready, 4K, Overclocking, and Watercooling
Warranty offered 3 years
Deliverd in USA


Another high-end website, this time in the water cooling specialty, will round out our discussion. You no longer even need to mess around with the top-notch AIO and custom water-cooling components that are synonymous with EK! The least customizable option on the list is provided by Fluid Gaming, but one of their liquid-cooled computers might be exactly what you need.

A straightforward style and appealing graphics make it simple to navigate the website. Despite the selection’s limited size, each PC comes with a thorough chart. It’s unfortunate that true costs are hidden and that using Affirm simply provides payment estimates. In addition, a lot of the PCs offered here are exclusively accessible to US consumers.

However, a lot of attention went into putting the Intel and AMD-based systems on offer together and presenting them. Water cooling, unsurprisingly, takes center stage. From closed-loop AIOs on the most budget-friendly designs to the Conqueror, a monster PC with CPU and GPU obstructs from the brand-new Quantum series, it extends the price spectrum.

Among the best guarantees on the market is supplied by EK “Fluid Gaming” It covers everything for three years, including refunds, technical assistance, and parts and labor. Expect longer shipping periods because liquid-cooled computers must be carefully assembled and transported. For entry-level PCs, this can range from a few days to more than a month, while for the Special Edition Conqueror, it can be even longer.

Things To Consider

Let’s first look at the factors that are truly important when selecting a custom PC builder before we analyze the brands.


Naturally, the cost of a custom PC varies widely depending on the components used and whether you include extras like water cooling. There is always going to be something for everyone because the majority of manufacturers sell their various computer models with a variety of budgets in mind.

The build markup is a major problem with custom PC builds. If you want one of these pre-built or custom-built PCs, prepare to pay more than usual.

You should build your own computer if you have any building knowledge because the money you save could use to buy a better component, display, or peripherals.

We search the market for the best custom gaming PC builds and put them together for players with particular spending limits.

For those on the tightest budgets, we offer entry-level prebuilt gaming PC under $500.

For individuals who want to play in high graphics at 1080p, we offer a mid-range prebuilt $800 gaming PC.

We provide a prebuilt gaming PC under $1000 that is more expensive but still affordable for individuals who prefer to play at high settings in 1080p, need more storage, and desire a more potent CPU.

Service warranty.

Among the key functions of a prebuilt computer is its warranty. People rarely pay enough attention to warranties, despite how vital they are. The majority of these companies only provide a 1-year parts guarantee and a 3-year labor warranty. However, depending on the system you got or any warranty extension packages they may offer, these warranties may extend.


It’s also important to note how customizable the PC is. We hate to disappoint, but there are a lot of websites and customization options that we are unable to cover. So, if you’re truly concerned with the details, you should visit a few of the different websites. To find out exactly what you can customize.

While some of the companies listed below can personalize the entire system. Including the chassis, hardware components, and paint, others are just able to customize some parts.

Brand Customer Service

When it comes to client care, each custom PC builder has a unique set of requirements. Personal experiences may vary from one company to the next. While the companies on this list enjoy a high level of industry respect and trust.

Final Impression!

Custom PC builders are those who are unable to make them themselves but refuse to buy pre-built ones. I utilized each for our basic configuration; you can check the price to do a cost-benefit comparison. However, if you are uncomfortable troubleshooting on your own, spending a few hundred dollars more for excellent help is worthwhile.

Additionally, look into extended warranties for extra assistance to keep things operating normally. Moreover, take particular care when purchasing items from abroad. Because the warranty policies there are complicated and should be confirmed in advance.

Now, it must be less complex for you to select one and also purchase the computer of your desires. Now that you know who the best custom PC builders are. No matter which company you go with, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting a well-built system with lots of components and labor coverage. Have you ever placed an order with one of these guys? 

 Thanks For Reading!