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by | Sep 6, 2022

Top 9 Beautiful Blue Gaming Setup Ideas

Many of you would be looking for a gaming setup that would be compelling and attractive, this is definitely what we gamers need. Our Ultimate goal is to acquire a gaming room that is super attractive plus full of valuable components.

Blue is slowly conquering the gaming setup in terms of color due to its extraordinary shine in the gaming world. The deep, rich hue and vivid vibrancy of the Blue color family is an appealing option for gaming rooms.


If you want to stand out in your gaming room, there’s no better bright color than blue. This eye-catching, shiny and vibrant palette doesn’t look all that good on every surface of your gaming room but when combined with different colors it really pops and can be used for almost every setting.

Although this color is just picking up the trend and very fastly setting up its roots in gaming rooms. We are just looking around and finding colors that could best suit your gaming world and when it comes to blue currently you wouldn’t find better than this.

Your gaming room needs a splash of color that is crystal clear and bright, so here comes the blue color that will bring an attractive look to your room.



Themes are our main consideration and when you are looking for a theme that could suit best with your room then it is our duty to fulfill it with honesty.

We have made sure that the theme we recommend must be compelling and most importantly vibrant, dull themes are not recommended here and themes that create the best match, we will try our best to maintain this criterion throughout the article.


We made sure the gaming accessories we provided were of excellent quality because we wanted to make it easy for you to purchase them if you were interested.

Let’s take a look at the themes that we have decided on.



Inspired by the quiet and deep ocean, this is our Aqua Blue gaming setup idea if something like deep ocean sounds or the quietness of the never-ending ocean view fascinates you then probably you can look at this theme.

Of course, it doesn’t exactly match the vastness of the ocean but the quietness would be included and we want all the silent gamers to have a look at this gaming setup.

We have also included one of the gaming setup components, for you to buy if you are interested in this.

MageGee Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Dark blue color with a beautiful RGB colors setup that can be used for multitasking and if you are confused about why the name used here co-relates with a gaming setup, then here is the answer.

The Dark mode along with huge components will relate with the planet Neptune and this is recommended for all the gamers who also need to do multi-tasking and needs a system that would co-relate with it.

Looking interesting, then set up your gaming room by purchasing the component which will be a starter for you.

Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse

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One of my favorite colors is super relaxing to the eyes and extremely elegant when used in a room as a color, in this specific gaming room we have used lightning as the main component in order to meet our criteria.

This gaming setup would cost you money but don’t worry as the components will be of premium quality if you are interested in a Royal and Premium gaming setup or you are looking for a gaming setup that could last forever then here it is.

If this gaming setup has been successful in catching your attention then probably it has something in it and if you have decided to own this, then here is a link for your starter as a gaming setup.

Sceptre 30-inch Curved Gaming Monitor

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Extremely Rare gaming setup that wouldn’t be in range for many people and this is why this name is selected for this due to its rareness. Some of you might be looking for a gaming setup that is not only unique but also an extremely powerful machine that could outperform easily.

So it you are that rich dude looking for a one-time gaming setup why not this Blue Cobalt gaming setup? Elegant Scenery along with dual PC power and Three combined monitors for you to utilize it to its full extent.

If you’re finding has come to an end, then below you will find a link that will be a starter for you.

CAPHAUS Ergonomic Gaming Chair

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Here is a combo gaming setup that is for you if you are looking for a setup that could be purchased in a team with friends and played together as a team.

There are many who loves playing in a team and conquering matches and when it comes to the theme setup, then it is extremely dark along with crazy performance monitors and a curved gaming desk and in terms of addition, I would recommend you to add no more than 5 people setups as it could be devastating in terms of performance and fun activity.

It is no doubt an expensive setup but when divided with friends it will massively reduce your cost. It you are willing to setup this gaming room then here is a link for you to start.

Soontrans Blue Gaming Chair with Footrest

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Elegant and Vibrant color, isn’t it?  A gaming setup that is completely covered in blue will look extra ordinary and here is for you a complete blue color setup that will shine up your room.

The first high-spec modular gaming room, designed to complement your home and create the ultimate game station. Set up the space in your desired shape and size, then select the light and furniture combinations you need based on how much light you need, what type of decorating style you’re going for and how many people will be using it at any one time.

If you are interested in this gaming setup and decided to setup your room in this criteria, then here is a link below for you to utilize.

Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Wired USB Metal

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Gaming setup for those who just want to play games regularly and are in deepl love with the blue color, they just want to feel the depth of this color and would comfortably play it without any issue, then here is for you a Ultra- Marine gaming setup.

This gaming setup will make you feel like a person who is enjoying the depth of oceans in a submarine. Are you that kind of person?

If you are interested in this deep gaming setup then below there is a link for you.

NACODEX AJ120 Blue Gaming Mouse Programmable 6 Buttons

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Here is a match of blue and white color, that will give you a blend of sky with clouds and of course when white is added then there will be a look for minimalist and purity.

Many of you would be looking for a color blend as it is trend and can combine colors to make it much more beautiful. Yes white is dominating the theme but this has to be done to give a beautiful blend and to make it more attractrive.

If you are interested in this theme and can’t wait to acquire this the below there is a link for you to begin your journey. We are adding only one component in each of the setup, the rest will be left upon your creativity.

Kanto YU2 PC Gaming Desktop Speakers

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Here is a blend of both blue and red color to give a fierce look of ocean, may seem little strange to you. It is infact the Weird combination that I believe is an experimentation of two highly vibrant color matched together.

This setup would only fascinate you if you are a fierce gamer, as we are constantly looking something unique for our buyers, that could help them in their findings for their dream gaming setup.

If you are interested in this gaming setup, then here is a link below.

GTRACING Gaming Chair Racing Office Computer Chair

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Things You need to Consider:

Relief of Connection:

This may also include ease of setup; for example, if you are selecting a personalised setup, you will undoubtedly require a system that can quickly connect with your various other tools. Consider purchasing a costly and also high-quality component only to discover that it is not a simple adapter; even if it accepts the link, it will cause issues in your system.

So please keep an eye out for and also test whether the system will easily connect with your various other parts and also protrude like a family member with them.


You must have a computer gaming setup that is extremely simple to use. When I say simple, I mean one that can be easily connected and also sustains upgrades without causing any issues.

Technology is rapidly changing and also advancing to produce an increasing number of ideal outcomes; the video games that are servicing your setup may not function properly after some years, implying complete waste; built-quality is insufficient for your setup to be long-lasting; you require a system that can easily approve your updates while causing no disruptions at all.



We are working on our series of setup ideas, that could fascinate you as many of us would be roaming here to find there dream gaming setup that is extremely beautiful and elegant.

We have collected all the list of best blue gaming setup ideas for you to have vast option for selection. We have also made sure to provide you atleast one component in each of the paragraph to make it easy for you to select an item.

There is also a buyers guide in the end to guide or in some way it would help you understand what important things you need to take care when selecting a gaming setup. So, it would be wise to take steps that are essential for you in buying components as spending money on such expensive components and only getting nothing in return.

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