Want a budget-friendly gaming computer that can affordably run the newest games? Then the information in this article is exactly what you are looking for. 

Top 5 Best Custom Gaming PC Under $500 of 2022

CPU : AMD Ryzen 3 3100  GPU : AMD Radeon RX550 2GB RAM : 8GB DDR4 Storage : 240GB SSD

iBUY Power Pro Gaming PC

It has a Ryzen 3100 processor with a maximum core speed of 3.9 GHz and an AMD RX 550 2GB graphics card, which is easily capable of handling 1080p gaming. 

CPU : AMD Ryzen 3 3200G GPU : Radeon Vega 8 RAM : 8GB  Storage : 1TB HDD

HP M01-f0033W Ryzen

The HP Desktop is a budget-friendly gaming PC that would be a good place for you to begin your new PC career. This build does not have a dedicated GPU because it relies on the 3200G's dependable integrated graphics.

CPU : AMD Athlon 3000G GPU : AMD Radeon Vega 3 RAM : 8GB DDR4 Storage : 240GB SSD

Allied Home Desktop PC

The Allied Home Desktop PC is a more versatile PC than just a cheap gaming PC. It's a versatile device that can handle almost everything you throw at it. It has excellent specs that will definitely let you play PC games properly.

CPU : Intel i5-2400 GPU : GeForce GTX 650 1GB RAM : 8GB DDR3 Storage : 1TB Hard Drive

Alarco Gaming PC

The gorgeous gaming case, which has a strong metallic chassis and several RGB fans, is the PC's main selling point. It is better suited for people who want to play older games, and there aren't many chances that it will play more recent games.

CPU : Ryzen 3 1200 GPU : Radeon RX 550 RAM : 16GB DDR4 RAM Storage : 512GB SSD

Shinobee Gaming PC

It is very amazing how valuable some things that are relatively new to the market may occasionally be. Because it offers excellent specifications for the price, the Shinobee gaming PC unexpectedly caught my eye. This computer provides an absolutely excellent gaming experience.

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