It's not as obvious as the remake of Link's Awakening, but it's a close match. The art itself is what truly brings this world to life. Even if the gameplay doesn't appeal to everyone, the art should.

5 Best Things About Death’s Door

When they created Titan Souls, Acid Nerve demonstrated their ability to create interesting bosses. The same can be said for Death's Door. While difficult, these bosses are more balanced.

Boss Battles

When players are engaged in a boss battle, the tempo rises, and the music matches the intensity of the situation. It's one of the game's more surprising features.


It's the same rush you get when you realize how many previously closed pathways are now open in Metroidvania. A map would be helpful in learning these new skills.

Modern Items

Capcom has already updated Resident Evil 2 and 3 for contemporary hardware, and they are currently working on a remake of Resident Evil 1. This game not only revived the franchise but also popularized the over-the-shoulder perspective.

A Simple, But Entertaining

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