The Steam Deck is essentially a portable PC running the Linux operating system

How to Turn on a Steam Deck's Virtual Keyboard

Users can type while playing games or using other applications thanks to the built-in virtual keyboard on the Steam Deck, which is modeled after a smartphone.

How Does the Keyboard on the Steam Deck Operate?

It's easy to use the virtual keyboard function on the Steam Deck: just press STEAM + X. Both the default SteamOS layout and Desktop Mode support this feature.

The Steam Deck Keyboard: How to Use It

The virtual on-screen keyboard can be used in conjunction with the built-in trackpad as a mouse. Your primary click is made with the right trackpad, and your secondary click is made with the left trackpad.

Do I Need a Mouse to Use Desktop Mode?

Any game or piece of software you're using should have the Steam Deck virtual on-screen keyboard available. When you need to use it will automatically appear.

Can You Use the Onscreen Keyboard in Every Game?

          1. Click on Steam and choose Settings.   2. Access the Keyboard Menu by descending.         3. A selection for "Current Keyboard Theme" will appear. From there, you can browse this list of pre-installed themes and choose one.

How to Modify the Keyboard Theme for Steam Deck

4. By choosing "Find More Keyboard Themes" from the Keyboard Menu, you can also access additional virtual keyboard themes.

How to Modify the Keyboard Theme for Steam Deck

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