The role of a crow in the video game Death's Door places you in charge of guiding departed souls to their final resting place in a peaceful manner as an employee of an afterlife bureaucracy.

I wish someone had told me these seven things before I began Death's Door.

Finding your way in Death's Door depends on your ability to navigate the single-unit system. You will lose one node of health if you are struck by an enemy, whether it be a common monster or a hulking megalomaniac toad that belongs in Pacific Rim.

The magic number is one.

Keeping the toughest foes at a distance while dousing them in fire and arrows are frequently necessary for survival in Death's Door. Once more, your magic meter will recharge every time you land a physical attack.

Prioritize developing dexterity

Arrows, fire, and bombs all cause more damage. The majority of the damage you deal in Death's Door will be dealt by your ranged weapons, which are controlled by magic. Melee attacks are fine enough, and you can make them stronger by boosting your strength stat.

Then try magic.

The haste stat increases your overall movement speed and shortens the time between dodges. You don't need it in the beginning because enemies telegraph their movements and don't attack in a flurry after flurry.

And rush through the rest of it

Rogue daggers are a game-changer for boss battles once you obtain them. Even though each boss encounter is unique, the fundamental approach is always the same: maintain a safe distance and rely on magic attacks.

On bosses, use the rogue daggers.

Finding and eliminating four optional, extremely powerful bosses will allow you to upgrade every single one of your spells. Make the fire knight your choice if you only find one. (There is a chamber in the dungeon leading to the Urn Witch's manor that is blocked off by cobwebs.

Upgrade your fire magic

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