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by | Aug 30, 2022 | Gaming Setups

Best Purple Gaming Setup

We scour the web to find only the best gaming PCs  for a silky-smooth 1080p gaming experience

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Refurbished 800G2 Desktop Computer PC – 6th Gen Intel i5

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ViewSonic Elite 25 Inch IPS Gaming Monitor

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Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard

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HK Gaming Mira S Ultra Lightweight RGB Gaming Mouse

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ogitech Z207 2.0 Multi Device Stereo Speaker

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Last Updated August 30, 2022

This Purple gaming setup is guaranteed to be eye-catching no matter where you lie. Whether on your nightstand or on top of your PC, the colorful pieces compliment and complement each other to create a gaming setup unlike any other.

One of the most trendy colors and made for both genders, I must say it would definitely create an impact and would light up your room with this glorious contrast. We have chosen this Purple Gaming setup for you to enjoy the real essence of gaming as I usually believe aesthetics should never be compromised if you are planning to play long hours of games.


 The beauty of the purple color is fascinating. It’s not only a trend but also a fashion statement. The purple color attracts all eyes with its unique, rich, and eye-catching beauty. 

Purple has a very long and deep history with power, it represents majesty and royalty and personally, I believe if you are interested in building a theme that could simply represent power, then don’t search further as this will definitely create an everlast impact on your setup. 

You wouldn’t believe but color themes do impact our neurons, each color impacts in its own way and when it comes to purple, then remember strength and determination is its main power, but if you are fond of purity and peaceful mind then our white gaming setup is for you.



Imagine building a gaming setup that is surely beautiful and eye-catchy with premium design but later on you found out that it lags during heavy games and disrupts your gaming experience very often. How would you feel? If I would consider myself in this situation, I would have just banged the gaming setup.

So, performance can never ever be compromised, so we have to make sure to select only those components that can provide you performance first and aesthetics later on. Our Purple Gaming setup will surely suit the purple contrast but most importantly will give you the required performance.


Although this criterion is really tough to meet as finding a budget gaming setup in this era when there is subsequently a shortage of components due to various economic factors, still we opt to choose it and this is especially due to the high demand of our users and as many of us are belonging to the middle class and cannot afford the premium, especially things that are not a necessity.

So, we have decided to select all these components in a selected budget theme, and we have fixed to $600  as in my opinion this would be enough for everyone to afford.


Last but not the least, our build-in quality is equally crucial as you need a gaming setup that is built to last and you definitely wouldn’t want to have frequent visits to gaming repair shops, so we had also make sure that material must be great in build-quality.

These are the following components that we have selected for your Purple Gaming setup.

Best Purple Gaming Setup Component Details

ViewSonic Elite XG250 25 Inch 1080P 1MS 280Hz IPS Gaming Monitor

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Perfect Contrast with your purple gaming setup with loads and loads of features. This Monitor has a great refresh rate of 280Hz, now you can sit back and relax, as you will experience very smooth image results and it also contains Full HD picture quality.

With a screen size of 24.5 inches, you are ready to dive deep into the gaming experience and also it will provide you with an ultra-fast response of 1 ms, which in my opinion is a great feature.   Nvidia-Sync Compatible is also provided which means it is tested by Nvidia to make sure it provides you a smooth experience and not only this it is embedded with  VESA DisplayHDR 400 to make sure to provide a brighter screen and illuminate it properly, in order to prevent brightness issues. 

Furthermore, its innovative design is extremely eye-catchy and it especially focused on its design to give uniqueness to your room. The back of the Monitor is embedded with Elite RGB lights that look very cool, especially at night and that match our main color scheme, as this color will surely provide you an essence of purple color too so that our Purple Gaming setup criteria is also fulfilled.

Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming


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This Keyboard is a unique, eye-catching piece of lighting. RGB LEDs make the Keyboard easily recognizable from a distance. The keyboard has an easy-to-use touch sensor which you can use quickly and directly, changing the color atmosphere in your room with one touch of your hand.

Perfectly a budget-friendly keyboard which really shook me as with such great features this keyboard will cost very light on your pocket and provide you all the premium qualities and it is synced with Alexa to give you advanced voice control which in my opinion is the most highlighted feature of this keyboard. In terms of Durability, it supports 80 Million clicks which means an ever-lasting keyboard for you, keyboard must be of quality if you want an experience that you will never forget.

Moreover, it is spill resistant so keep your cold drinks on the table freely without worrying about anything as hunger shouldn’t distract your gaming experience.

HK Gaming Mira S Ultra Lightweight RGB Gaming Mouse

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Imagine having a mouse that is speedy, Light-weighted has great precision, is Durable,  extremely beautiful, and budget-friendly.

How would you feel?  This  HK gaming mouse exactly contains all of these features to provide the best user experience and in my humble opinion, you wouldn’t need any other option when choosing a mouse. 

It weighs only 61 grams due to its special mesh shell design which makes it one of the best options for those who are looking for a comfortable and quick respond mouse and in terms of speed it provides you 50 G of acceleration and a max speed of 250 ips which is quite great for reflexes.

With 12000 cpi precision, its is no doubt that it indeed is packed with amazing features, don’t ever think of its mesh shell design as a weak material, it supports a whopping 50 million clicks and it also protects you from accidental spills and it comes with dust cover also, to protect it from dust and when it comes to gripping its ultimate palm and finger is nothing less than any other luxury mouses, it will easily let transfer of control pass over to you, to make your gaming experience extraordinary and its beautiful color will surely match our Purple Gaming setup.

Most importantly its beautiful rubber scroller is specially designed to provide you with a full gaming controller and also it is highly durable, with its 6 programmable buttons it provides a wide array of options to choose from and as I said complete control over the game, to provide you an extra-ordinary experience.

I also recommend you use a mouse pad for a much better experience, it not only will provide a great experience but also a full protection for your mouse, it may not be included due to budget issues but from my side it is highly recommended to use it.

Logitech Z207 2.0 Multi Device Stereo Speaker (Black)

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Easy to connect and breezy to listen to, these are Logitech’s extremely elegant speakers whose black color will blend with our purple theme and create an extraordinary and eye-catchy Purple Gaming setup.

Extremely easy to connect without carrying around a bunch of wires that could disrupt your mood, it can be easily connected through Bluetooth, and my personal favorite feature of easy-to-use buttons which are present in it but with extra features included, you can switch your audio from one device to another and it’s easy to use toggles which are present on one hand distance wouldn’t cause you any issues definitely, and its innovative and simple design will compliment with your components very nicely. There are such components that wouldn’t be available due to their uniqueness but if you are looking for a complete color dominated color scheme then do check out our white gaming setup.

Refurbished 800G2 Desktop Computer PC – 6th Gen Intel i5-6500 – 8GB DDR4 RAM – Intel HD 530 Graphics – 512GB Solid State Drive (SSD)

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In order to match the budget criteria we needed, a desktop that is of normal quality as all the premium or even high-end quality was much more expensive, so to meet the budget criteria we have found a normal quality desktop that is suitable for your games and when moving towards its features.

You will easily notice that its beautiful Purple RGB lights are very complimenting our purple color theme and Surely will match our criteria of an amazing Purple Gaming setup, you will get an intel i5 quad core which will provide you a sufficient amount of power for your games to operate properly.

A surprising feature of this desktop it is built for any color scheme as it contains 13 color modes to choose from and its special RGB lights are very beautiful when they are illuminating, Upon entering your room, its light will surely give you a gaming mood vibe. By the way, you may need a graphics card to play competitive games, so I would recommend you highly to buy a normal graphics card and fix it in order to have a great experience especially\ when playing competitive games. It also includes Windows 10 and custom RGB of 800G2.

Things To Consider


One of the most notable of a pro-gamer should be aesthetics but unfortunately many of us, ignore them in a bad way forgetting how important it is for our gaming experience, imagine having two purple gaming setups in your house, one is present with nice RGB lights embedded on components and premium quality material and the other is present on a simple desk with nothing to see, what will you prefer?

 A simple and obvious answer is the one with aesthetics( to be precise)  and this is what I exactly want to convey never compromise on your gaming experience or things that may cause frustration during games.


You need to have a gaming setup that is extremely user-friendly and when I say user-friendly, I mean the one that can be easy to connect and that supports upgrades in it without causing any issues.

Technology is very fastly changing and evolving to create more and more best results, the games that are working on your setup may not work properly after some years which means totally wastage, built-quality is not enough for your setup to be ever-lasting you need to have a system that can easily accept your updates and cause no interruptions at all.


This may also include ease of setting up, most importantly when you are especially opting for a customized setup then you definitely need a system that can easily connect with your all other devices, imagine buying an expensive and premium quality component only to found that it is not an easy connector, even if it somehow accepts the connection then will cause definite issues in your system, what is the use of this component?

So please do look out for even try whether the system will easily connect with your all other components and stick out like a family with them.

Final Word

We had to make sure that we cover all the aspects of the components to give you a better insight into how it works and what are its main features.

Our main focus was definitely on how to build a Gaming setup that could easily be called a Perfect Purple gaming setup but as mentioned above performance and most importantly budget was kept in even high consideration and as usual we have tried to present an honest review of all the gaming setup that could surely give you an amazing experience that could benefit in all terms and also not forget to read the Things need to be considered before buying , as this section will help you in your future shopping.

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